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Geng Yanbo, the newly-elected mayor of Datong, China wants to transform the city into a tourist-attracting cultural center. Datong, the most polluted city in China, thanks to its coal mining history, has a massive ancient city wall that Geng envisions containing museums and meeting spaces. The problem is that at least 30 percent of the residents of Datong, many of them poor and their housing illegal, live around that city wall. These residents must be relocated and their dwellings demolished in order for Geng’s reconstruction of the city to take place.

Despite the fact that demolition and construction are very slow and behind schedule, the government wants the residents out. But there is no place for many of them to go. People who cannot afford to move are told that they can apply for low-rent housing, but they know the reality is that there is a long waiting period. Some residents protest by simply not leaving their abodes or by blocking the heavy machinery. A few residents who refuse to move face forcible demolition and threaten suicide.

We follow Geng, in Zhou Hao’s The Chinese Mayor, as he inspects the progress of destruction and construction throughout the city, as he attends meetings in his official capacity, and as he is scolded by his wife who thinks he is working himself to death. He appears tough when he deals with contractors who have put in sub-par paving, taken other shortcuts or are not performing their jobs to his satisfaction. But when the affected residents appeal directly to Geng, he is sympathetic and tries to right the wrongs — helping folks find housing, ensuring the children of rural residents who gave up their farmland for development have access to the city schools, and even trying to move a woman from her 6th floor apartment to one on the ground floor as she can no longer walk up the stairs (what the hell happened to the elevator anyway?).

Geng wants to leave the reinvented and revitalized Datong as his legacy. Will he be able to oversee all of the construction through to completion before his mayoral term is up? Is he simply a megalomaniac bankrupting a city for his own status? Director Zhou does a masterful job of not getting in the way of the story. Clearly the residents are the one’s suffering in this scenario, but Geng is not without sympathetic sensibilities. He believes so strongly in “cultural industry” that even if he cannot bring his vision to fruition in Datong, the viewer gets the sense that that will not stop him. He will give this city, or any other, his masterful cultural makeover. Even if it kills him.


In the latest documentary by Nick Broomfield (Kurt & Courtney; Biggie & Tupac; the Aileen Wuornos docs), grave injustices against poor African-American women of South Los Angeles — from within the community and those sworn to protect them — are revealed in depth.

Between 1985-2007 at least 10 African-American females between the ages of 15-36 were murdered. Arrested in 2010 and yet to see trial, their alleged killer is Lonnie David Franklin Jr., of 81st Street, Los Angeles. Most of them, if not all of them, were likely raped and tortured before their deaths. A repeated felon, Franklin never supplied his DNA so there was no way to link him to the victims.

Beyond waiting for the matching data “and the murder weapon to come walking into a police precinct” the LAPD and Sheriff’s office barely lifted an investigative finger to catch a serial killer. There were opportunites to catch the man. Instead the murders continued.

Perhaps because the victims were “NHI” poor, black women, the local law enforcement did not see serial killing in the community as an urgency. It certainly was not a priority for over two decades. If people of the community suspected anything (even the ones violently victimized) they did not see informing the authorities as a viable option (certainly not a pleasent one).

The disconnect between the LAPD and the poor black community of South Los Angeles is a staggering disgrace to the city.

In fact, law enforcement never really paid attention to the multiple murders until Christine Pelisek broke the story in the LA Weekly. Members of the community had formed theBlack Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders back in the 1980s to address these crimes yet their pleas fell on indifferent ears in law enforcement and in the media.

(Law enforcement even borrowed the moniker “Grim Sleeper” from the LA Weekly article, thus displaying their decades-long indifference.)

Some of the family’s victims did not find out about the fate of their loved ones until years later.

It also does not help matters when too many male members of the community who take the serial killing anything less than dead serious. At least three of Franklin’s aquaintances get a chuckle out of Franklin’s alleged crimes. There was also this photo exchanging business going on where women are used as photo props — a sort of simulcrum of possession.

By going into the community and talking to family, friends, foes, victims and advocates of Franklin, Broomfield’s excellent documentary reveals how violence toward poor black women works in collusion between the personal and the political silence of members in the community who see the degradation of women as acceptable and the law enforcement and city hall officials who act as if it were permissible.


Calamity Jane, nee Martha Canary, was born in 1852 (most likely) in Missouri. According to Greg Monro’s film, her unstable childhood included the 8 year-old Martha traveling the Oregon Trail with her family, her parents’ subsequent deaths and Martha and her siblings being sent to an orphanage. First adopted at age 12, Martha was soon sent away for bad behavior. Where she went and/or what she did is not fully known. What historians do know is that Martha joined the Newton-Jenney Party into the Black Hills in 1875. Dressed in men’s attire, when reporters found out that Martha was a she, the public’s interest grew, leading to many articles, dime novels and even an autobiographical pamphlet Martha dictated (as she had no formal education) for publication. We also know that in 1876 she travelled to Deadwood, South Dakota, along with Wild Bill Hickock, though the full extent of their relationship is unknown.

Martha was daring and caring (as long as we are not talking about Native Americans). Not only was she a professional scout in the Wild West, she helped nurse smallpox sufferers back to health in Deadwood in the late 1870s. She was also, by all accounts, a raging alcoholic. She had two children, who were placed in foster care, and despite her infamy, died destitute in 1903 at the age of 51.

Told with reenactments — with Kay Campbell playing the titular character, vintage photographs and lots of moving shots of pastoral and pristine rolling hills, wind-swept plains, and mountain ranges, director Monro’s film also employs many “experts,” most of whom rely heavily on hypothetical phrases such as, “I imagine… ,” or “it was possible… .” They make many suppositions about Martha and her family.

Martha was known for her colorful stories, but many of the tales about her life are unsubstantiated. Historical facts have disproved many of the musings about Calamity Jane. Unfortunately, Monro’s Calamity Jane is just as colorful yet unreliable as Martha’s own history. Monro tries to straddle the line between fact and fiction, but just can’t seem to ride it out.


The 31st edition of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (LAAPFF) kicked off last night with Everything Before Us.

The first feature film by Wong Fu Productions, co-directed and co-written by Wesley Chan and Philip Wang, along with co-writer Chris Dinh, Everything Before Us is set in a quasi-future California (USA?) where everyone has an Emotional Intelligence score.

In short, Emotional Intelligence scores are based one’s ability to maintain a monogamous relationship. These scores not only affect who is available for romance, they can also effect one’s ability to get into college, get into a nightclub, receive a loan or land a job.

It is an interesting premise — which would make for a dystopian future where status, power, reproductive rights and liberties could be based on one’s EI score — but inEverything Before Us the EI score is used in the form of comedy and romance.

Ben (Aaron Yoo) is still suffering from the end of his relationship with Sara (Brittany Ishibashi). Thanks to his role in their breakup, Ben’s score is too low to get the job he wants (and deserves). So, after years apart, he reaches out to Sara to help rectify the situation.

Thanks to Sara’s cooperation, Ben lands the new job, which also results in a new girlfriend, Anna (Joanna Sotomura). However, there is tension in the air as Ben and Sara still pine for one another.

Meanwhie, Seth (Brandon Soo Hoo) and Haley (Victoria Park) are young Los Angelinos madly in love with one another.  When Haley gets accepted to college in San Francisco, their love is put to the test. Determined to beat the formidable odds of young lovers sticking together “forever,” the two agree to register as a couple with the Department of Emotional Intelligence (deliciously portrayed like the DMV) and maintain a long distance relationship.

Despite the rude behavior of some of the film’s filmmakers whipping out their phones during the screening to text and go online (dimming the phone light does not cut it),Everything Before Us proved to be a highly enjoyable, smart, very funny, well written story about young people in love. While the narratives of the leads takes a more serious tone, albeit not too serious, there is plenty of comic relief provided by the supporting characters like Anna, along with Ben’s friend, Henry (Chris Reidell), Henry’s wife, Sandy (Katie Savoy), Haley’s dweeby colleague, Taylor (Edward Gelbinovich), and Randall (Randall Park), the DEI representative.

Moreover and more importantly, is here you have an entertaining film where Asian Americans take front and center in the mise-en-scène. Although Asian Americans only make up five percent of the U.S. population they are nearly invisible when it comes to film and television. And, with few exceptions — John Cho, Lucy Liu, Fresh Off the Boat and the short-lived All American Girl immediately come to mind, when Asian Americans are seen in American film and television, they are often relegated to supporting roles.

This underscores the importance of LAAPFF and good films like Everything Before Us.

Fun Things to do with Kids in Penang

 “What are we going to do today?” How many times have you heard that one from your children? Here’s a collection of ideas for fun activities to entertain your kids. Some of these would be great for kids birthday parties in Penang, too.

I’m still working my way through doing everything on this list, but I wanted to get it out there so you don’t have to wait on me to blog about each place. Penang really does have so much family fun to offer. Do you have anything to add? Let me know in the Comments.

* indicates birthday party package available

Adventure Zone

Free is Good

  • 5 Fun and Free Things to Do: Visit the Youth Park, Hunt for Street Art, Visit a Temple, Hit the Beach, Trek the National Park

Swimming beats the Heat

  • * Hard Rock Hotel: Yearly memberships, foam parties, birthday parties
  • * ParkRoyal Resort Hotel: Day passes and birthday parties

Outdoor Adventures

  • * ESCAPE Eco-Adventure Park: Ropes course, climbing, innertube slides, and birthday parties
  • Ride bikes and scooters: Traffic Garden, Youth Park, Straits Quay, car-free George Town, Air Itam dam
  • Penang Hill: Ride the funicular up and enjoy the activities or just hike around at the top; if you want to hike up from the bottom, trails are not marked so go with someone familiar with the hike
  • National Park: hike, canopy walk, take a boat back from the beach, Turtle sanctuary, and camping
  • Countryside Stables in Balik Pulau: Ride ponies and feed the horses and donkeys
  • Wet World Wild Adventure Park: A Wipeout-style obstacle course floating in the waters of Moonlight Bah; recommended for teens and adults
  • Kayaking at Straits Quay; Fridays after 3 p.m. and Weekends 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; See Marina Office
  • Playground at Straits Green with Water Sprayground activated from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.; Access road is at Quayside condos next door to Straits Quay; Note: No good shade
  • * Soccer Experience: tot lessons, youth league, and birthday parties
  • Jerejak Daytripper Package: This little island by the bridge has tons of outdoor activities for kids ages 10 years and older; contact for more information.
  • Paintball: 6 paintball fields in Penang; recommended for teens and adults

Explore Nature

  • Penang Butterfly Farm: Not just butterflies — insects, reptiles, and amphibians, too
  • Penang Bird Park: On the mainland; daily shows and photo sessions
  • Botanical Gardens: Popular with runners and joggers; stroller friendly; fun hill to roll down
  • * Tropical Spice Garden: Snakes and Ladders playground, garden tour, kids events, birthday parties
  • Toy Museum and Heritage Garden: Before it moved, it was a look-don’t-touch museum; new location has added an outdoor garden
  • Forest Recreation Park and Museum: forestry museum, playground, hiking trails, and wading pools
  • Tropical Fruit Farm: Take the 45 minute tour, buy a fruit tasting plate and (book ahead) have BBQ
  • Happy Goats Farm: Tour this dairy farm, feed the goats, and try your hand at milking them

Stay Cool Indoors

  • * Top Picks for Indoor Fun: Adventure Zone (birthday parties), Mega Kiddie World, Cartoon World, KidLand, video game arcades and movies
  • Made in Penang Interactive Museum: Bring your camera for some photo fun
  • *Kidland Penang: Play at the pretend firehouse, hospital, music studio, greenhouse, cooking school, art gallery, airplane pilot training and more; Prangin Mall, Level 4.
  • *Urban Playground inflatable jump houses, slides, obstacle courses and climbing walls in Times Square Mall
  • JumpStreet: Huge room covered in trampolines. Dodge ball arena and foam pits, too. Atrium of D’Piazza Mall in Bandar Baru.
  • Urban Playz climbing walls on Level 7 of Gurney Paragon Mall
  • Archery: 1st floor of Komtar Walk; recommended for teens and adults
  • Bowling: Penang Bowl near the E&O; Premium Lanes in Sunshine Square; Classic Bowl in Prangin Mall
  • Break the Code: Solve the puzzles in time to escape the room or be trapped inside forever; for tweens and older

Arts and Crafts and Cooking, too

  • Hammer Out a Pewter Bowl: Royal Selangor in Straits Quay
  • *Batik Painting: Rozana’s Batik or Craft Batik
  • *Kids Cooking Class at Makers Shakers Bakers in Tanjung Bungah Hillside

Take a Day Trip

  • Carnivall Water Park at Cinta Sayang: 1 hour from Penang; water slides, lazy river, and a spray playground for non-swimmers
  • Bukit Merah Laketown Resort: 90-minutes from Penang; orangutan sanctuary, eco park, water park
  • Taiping Zoo: 1 hour 45 minutes from Penang; becomes a night zoo in the evenings
  • Lost World of Tambun Water Park: near Ipoh
  • Gua Temperung Caves: near Ipoh; even preschoolers can walk Tours 1 & 2
  • White Water Rafting: near Ipoh; must be at least 10 years old

Hire an Activity Organizer

  • * Birthday Castle: I’ve been to a couple parties they’ve organized, and the kids have always had a blast.
  • Spiral Synergy: During school holidays, they often hold special events for children. Email them for a schedule.

Niki Chow is an invisible CEO for her own hair salon 5 years ago?




Niki Chow (周丽淇) became famous and filmed series continuously after filming Mainland China series, Empress Wei Zifu (衞子夫) last year. In fact other than acting, she invested thousand of million dollars to open a luxurious hair salon, La Mod with 6000 sq ft in Leighton Road 5 years ago. After 2 years, Niki ventured into skincare business and decided to open another branch upon seeing the thriving business. She went into a partnership with Shisedo in hair salon and skincare successfully, and planned to open another branch in August in Beijing. As such, Niki became an invisible CEO secretly for 5 years.

Poured cold water on her

Niki joined the entertainment industry for 13 years and an insider said: “Niki understood there was no everlasting popularity in entertainment industry and decided to invest into business by using the savings from her acting career. She felt that man and woman loved to look nice and decided to open a luxurious hair salon with 6000 sq ft in Leighton Road.”

Niki kept her boss identity as a secret for 5 years and only a few friends knew about it. The insider added: “Niki did not reveal her boss identity even when she introduced her colleagues for hair spa and only told them it was recommended by her friend. Everybody poured cold water on her when she wanted to start business. Hence, Niki decided to keep silent and felt everybody will acknowledge after seeing her successful achievements.”

Headhunting talents by herself

End of last year, Niki opened the second branch, La Mod and attended the opening ceremony. Her good friends such as Michael Tse (谢天华) and (杨小娟) came to show his support and she finally disclosed her CEO identity. Niki’s friend said: “Everybody only knew it was opening of new shop and had no idea that Niki had 6000 sq ft main branch. In fact, Niki was planning to open branches in Beijing and Shanghai in August.”

After the opening ceremony on the same day, La Mod organised an annual dinner in Causeway Bay but did not see any colleagues in the entertainment industry except for engaging Cheuk Wan Chi as the host. Around 7pm, Niki appeared as the boss capacity to ensure everything ran smoothly and chat to her staff as well. As the business was earning profits, Niki graciously sponsored air tickets with return trip and $80,000 as lucky draw.

The insider said: “Managing a company is not easy and Niki said staff was very important when doing salon business. During this few years, she will headhunt personally, make visit to the salon frequently and build rapport with the staff, in order to create a sense of belonging in the company.”

Earlier, Niki suffered leg injury and was forced to reject new series in Mainland China. As such, this gave her additional time to manage her salon business. On 28 April around 2pm, Niki and her assistant went to the headquarter in Leighton Road and stayed for an hour. She then hurriedly headed to the branch for a meeting.

The series, Empress Wei Zifu acted by Niki was well-loved by the audiences and it was awarded free licence for 12 years. Thus, it increased the popularity of Raymond Lam (林峯) and Niki Chow rapidly.

Prospering business 

Before La Mod hair salon was opened, it was occupied by Nicholas Tse for production business. In year 2009, Niki secretly made investments and her business was expanding during the past 5 years.


By Ed Rampell

From April 30 through May 7, the 10th annual South East European Film Festival is putting features, shorts, animation and documentaries that are primarily shot and/or set in Southeastern Europe in the limelight. As such, SEEFest provides a beachhead for cinema from this part of the world, giving foreign films entrée to moviedom’s world capital, Hollywood. It also presents avid filmgoers undaunted by subtitles with the opportunity to view works they may not otherwise get the opportunity to see, especially on the big screen. In addition to screenings at several L.A. venues , SEEFest co-presented its 7th Annual Business of Film Conference, “Connecting South East Europe and Hollywood,” on May 2 at the Goethe-Institut, which, among other things, dealt with the complex issue of distribution in the lucrative, if insular, U.S. marketplace, followed by a networking luncheon.

The April 30th gala at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills was well-attended by filmmakers, moviegoers and dignitaries, such as a representative of the L.A. City Council and the Swiss Consul-General, Jean-Francois Lichtenstern. The office of L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti and L.A. City Council presented proclamations expressing appreciation to SEEFest and its artistic director, Vera Mijojlic, plus to actor-dancer George Chakiris, who scored a Best Actor Oscar for 1961’sWest Side Story. Mijojlic also presented Chakiris, who is of Greek ancestry, with SEEFest’s inaugural Legacy Award. 82-year-old Romanian actor Victor Rebengiuc was given SEEFest’s inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award in absentia.

However, Tudor Cristian Jurgiu flew to L.A. for SEEFest, accepting the award on behalf of Rebengiuc. Their film, the oddly named The Japanese Dog, then kicked off the Festival’s screenings, followed by a Q&A with Jurgiu conducted on the stage of the Writers Guild Theater by Mijojlic, along with questions from the audience, which then enjoyed a feast of Eastern European cuisine in the lobby festooned with posters of classic movies, many of them with texts in various languages.

No Reservoir Dogs, The Japanese Dog could also be entitled “The Anti-Avengers Film.” Typical Tinseltown escapist mass entertainment equates drama with action — the more violent, the more “dramatic”, rendered through head spinning rapid cutting by no talent, harebrained sociopathic dimwits like Michael Bay appears to be. Of course, this is an expression of a sick society suffused with and suffocating in violence, where youths get their necks broken for the new thought crime of “looking while black”; the national pastime is a sport causing concussions, brain damage, etc.; and far away countries get shocked, awed, droned and attacked at the drop of a hat. Hollywood’s over-reliance on violence to peddle tickets is also a reflection of extremely bad writing by screenwriters incapable of subtlety and expressing conflict without bombardments, AK-47s, vehicular homicide, ad nauseam.

These screenwriters, directors, producers, et al, are unable to express deep human truths, whereas films such as the enigmatically named The Japanese Dog do, represent the drama of everyday life — all without a single, solitary screeching car chase, explosion, shooting and the like. (There is, however, a sort of robot — so maybe there’s hope for transforming Bay after all?)

The protagonist of The Japanese Dog is the antithesis of the Hollywood hero — 80-year-old widower Costache (Rebengiuc) lives alone in a flood ravaged, dirt poor Romanian village. Costache’s estranged son, Ticu (Serban Pavlu), who has emigrated overseas, returns to Romania, along with his foreign wife, Hiroku (Kana Hashimoto), and their young son, Koji (Toma Hashimoto).

Costache and Ticu are faced with the conflict of resolving their estrangement and reestablishing that Turgenev-ian relationship between fathers and sons. And Costache must decide whether familial or national bonds are more important to him.

By La-La-Land escapist standards, Romania’s latest Oscar-entry for Best Film in a Foreign Language (it did not make the cut) is excruciatingly slow moving (a pejorative in Hollywood), thoughtful and always deeply human, with heartfelt acting by an Eastern European master and the supporting cast. But Jurgiu’s 85-minute directorial debut feature has more humanity than all those dreadfulTransformers movies put together. And The Japanese Dogdoes it without firing a single shot. Imagine that!

As for why this Romanian movie is mysteriously named The Japanese Dog — well, you’ll just have to see it yourself, Dear Reader. And thanks to SEEFest, American audiences got that opportunity — as well as a shot at breaking into the American movie market. It may not be as action-packed as Marvel’s The Avengers, but The Japanese Dog is marvelous in its own way.

A Different Kind of Entertainment

Almost three months ago, I received an e-mail out-of-the-blue from a sweet woman named Joy. Joy “knew” me from my blog, and she said she had an oak entertainment armoire she was willing to give me if I thought I could do something with it (she had been unable to sell it).

Umm…free furniture? Yes, please!


Yep, that was three months ago. Even though I knew almost immediately what I wanted to do with it, it was a BIG project (the armoire is over 7 feet tall), and it took alot to get me motivated to tackle it (enter Crafting with the Stars, Round 2).

Of course, the reason these entertainment centers are virtually unsaleable is that the new TVs don’t fit in the same spaces. So here you have a perfectly good piece of solid wood furniture with beautiful moldings, lights, and leaded glass panels, and no one wants it.

Well, I thought, what if it housed a different kind of entertainment?

I envisioned this armoire repurposed as a sewing cabinet, or maybe one which would house a computer (those are two of my favorite forms of entertainment at least).

The first step was to build a big box that would fill the open space in the armoire. I had a friend help me (OK, it was really the other way around…WAY around) with this part. The idea was to have a pull-out shelf at working height, so all the other measurements were secondary to that.


Look, it fits! Always such a relief.

The other “building” part of the project involved the top drawer. See all those nice plastic dividers? They were meant to hold VHS tapes—remember those?

baby 010

There were no sides for the drawer, so some spare plywood was used to create the sides and a back.

Next step was to remove the leaded glass. I wasn’t a big fan of the brassy gold trim, so I used Rub n Buff in pewter and black to stain the metal. (And my fingers.)


Then—I removed all the hardware for sanding, priming, and painting! Did I mention this armoire is HUGE? And I couldn’t ignore the inside of this piece. EVERY SURFACE had to be painted. That’s in addition to EVERY SURFACE of the insert!


The exception was the crown and base molding. My friend suggested that those be sanded down and stained dark, and of course this is a look I love. It was a MAJOR ORDEAL to sand it all down! …but I did it.


You may notice that I had already primed before I tackled the moldings. I covered them with plastic wrap and painter’s tape to protect them during painting.

The upper display cabinet was backed by a mirror, but Emily from Décor Chicksuggested that I cover it with beadboard to cut down on funky reflections. Since I had already planned on backing the main cabinet with beadboard, it sounded great to me! Especially since then I could ignore trying to keep the mirror clean (I would never have succeeded anyway).

SewingArmoire 017

I used Liquid Nails to adhere the beadboard directly to the mirror. It helps to use a spatula tool to spread a thin, even layer over the whole back of the beadboard.

SewingArmoire 018

Then I balanced precariously on a chair and held it in place and prayed and held it in place and taped it and held it in place and prayed some more. Sorry, no pictures of that…my photographers have to go to school sometime!

I also thought a “working” armoire needed a chair to go along with it. I have three chairs in my garage that were a curbside find—would you believe they actually match my kitchen chairs??—except they’re pretty well thrashed (mine are only a little bit thrashed). But hey, that means less sanding for me!

SewingArmoire 019

I painted a chair first green (to match the insert), and then in the same creamy white as the armoire. To give the chair a little more pizzazz, I used my tried-and-true overhead projector method to paint a vintage French advertisement that says something about corsets (it appealed to my sense of humor). I got the graphic fromThe Graphics Fairy.

I distressed the chair to show some of the green underneath, and glazed the whole thing.

Whew! So are you ready to see the end product?


Two functioning drawers, lined with a pretty botanical paper…

SewingArmoire 027

A completely extendable shelf (we used this slide from Rockler).

SewingArmoire 032

Chalkboard cupboard doors (these actually retract into the cabinet so you don’t get claustrophobic while you’re sewing/blogging). One side will be a magnet board when I can get some sheet metal cut for it.

SewingArmoire 048

A beautiful lighted display cabinet (that was fun to stage)…

SewingArmoire 035

An integrated work light and a power strip (found at Lowe’s)…


And of course the chair.

SewingArmoire 038

So, what do you think?


Would this be your kind of entertainment center?



Bangkok With Kids: 5 Fun Things To Do On A Budget

Bangkok is an amazing, vibrant city that blends first- world cosmopolitan perks like air-conditioned shopping centres with the ancient cultures of Asia featuring centuries-old temples and monuments.  But what’s there to do with the kids and on a budget??

The answer is:  more than you think!

Here are our Top 5 Favourite Affordable Things To Do With Kids in Bangkok:


Have you had the ‘KidZania’ experience yet?  Bangkok is it’s newest location (it’s 11th worldwide) opening just in March 2013. First conceived in Mexico in 1999, its concept is as a children’s indoor theme park/entertainment centre whose goal is to offer not only ‘a safe and unique place for children aged 4-14yrs to play’, but to make it educational as well.  To do achieve that, each centre is set up as a city (complete with enclosed fake sky), built to scale, featuring individual buildings such as hospitals, fire stations, and shops, complete with paved roads, street lighting and even the occasional vehicle such as ambulance and fire truck rolling by.

The hospital complex has about 4 different positions on offer; however most are not viewable to the parents who must wait outside.

While the adults must wait outside ‘on the street'(or think ‘in the mall as you wait for your other half who is in the shop’), the children roll-play the different activities featured in these premises.  Each activity has a specific time duration and number of children it can accommodate at one time.  For example some groups had a capacity of 15 kids while others were only 6. Typically, the activities lasted  approximately 20min, so if one group is full, you must wait this time for the next session or check out other activities that don’t have a wait.  (It’s a bit like waiting for the Roller Coaster at an amusement park–each ride can accommodate ‘x’ number of children, then you have to wait for the coaster to return before the next group can get on.)  Each activity is structured and the children are fully guided and supervised by the staff and also must wear the corresponding uniforms such as lab coats at the vets and in the hospital and fireman coats and hats that go with each position.  Some activities are viewable from outside by the parents, but others are not.

Depending on the nature of the role, the children are either ‘paid’ in Kidzania currency for their job or if it’s an activity, the children have to ‘pay’ in Kidzania currency to do it.  At the end of the day, the children can spend whatever currency they have left in the special gift shop.  Interestingly many of the ‘businesses’ were sponsored and branded by large corporate companies, such as AirAsia that had a mock plane and had pilot flight simulation training, flight attendant role-playing, as well as flight navigator roles.  The number of roles and activities available were overwhelming and although we were there from 10:30am (shortly after it opened) until it closed at 5pm, we still were not able to experience all that was on offer.  Although it doesn’t exactly fit into the budget category, KidZania is truly a unique experience
that the kiddies will LOVE and it’s educational too.

Info:  Kidzania is located on level 5 of the Siam Paragon shopping complex; however to located it inside is a bit tricky.  Try to enter the complex via the main atrium that features the wall of living plants then make your way upwards.  Kidzania is open Mon-Friday from 10am to 5pm and weekends from 10am to 3pm then 4pm to 9pm (you can only attend 1 session on weekends).  It gets busy there—weekdays are probably better but you may encounter school groups (as we did).  I’ve been told that you would be wise to pre-book your session too as sometimes they do sell-out.  Admission fees are not cheap: Adults (yes, they have to pay to stand around) are 400B($13.30 US) each and kids are 650B ($21.60 US) but if you spend the whole day there as we did, you get your money’s worth.  There is a special area for children aged 2-4yrs (and they are charged accordingly) but at the time of our visit, this area did not seem fully functioning. There are no in/out privileges nor is outside food permitted but there are restaurant/eateries inside for food purchase as well as a parents’ lounge and free Wi-Fi access.  Also note that not all staff could speak English so at times, especially for older children, this was a bit of a hinderance.


This was the most unique water park that we had ever been to.  Why?  It was set on the rooftop of a 6-storey suburban shopping complex!  While Fantasia Lagoon didn’t feature the biggest or best assortment of waterslides that we’ve ever been to, its 2 large corkscrew slides, 2 tube slides, 1 slide ‘ride’ (extra charge, so we didn’t try), 25m swimming pool plus 3 water play areas with kiddie slides for the little ones were very sufficient for us and our 6 & 7yr olds—so much so that we spent 7hrs there!  There’s also a ‘lazy river’ that where you could drift effortlessly around through parts of the park while perched on a tube.

We went on a weekday and practically had the place to ourselves with no line-ups at all for the slides although we were told that it was a different story on the weekends where it was very popular with the Thai locals as well as expats living nearby.

Having been recently refurbished, the facilities were faultless:  the change rooms were large, modern and clean, with toilets, private shower cubicles, and lockers.  There were many lifeguards on hand too.

Oh—and not only could you bring your own food inside, but you could also leave temporarily to have lunch/dinner in the food court on the bottom level of the shopping centre or even bring the food back in and eat poolside at the many shaded tables available.

Coupled with the fact that it only cost 100B ($3.30 US) each adult to enter and kids 80B, Fantasia Lagoon is a terrific day out and a refreshing respite from the heat, and hustle and bustle of Bangkok.  Now if only they could improve their musical selection—they played the same (Thai) song over and over again!

Info:  Fantasia Lagoon is open from 10am until 8pm (?).  It’s located at ‘The Mall Bang Khae’, which is west and slightly south of central Bangkok.  To get there, we took the BTS to the end of the line (which is currently Wong Wan Yai, which is past Taksin), then hopped on a taxi for 20 min for 111B ($3.70US).  Once at the shopping complex, take the glass elevator at the centre to the 7th floor, where you will find the cinemas.  There is another ‘grand staircase’ located here that takes you to the entrance of the Lagoon.

Also note that although admission is 100B each, there is a separate charge for locker rental (40B with 50B refundable deposit), towel rental if required, tube rental (40B with 50B refundable deposit), and bathing cap rental if required (bathing caps are mandatory for everyone, even if you are bald!).


Situated next to Parliament House, Dusit Zoo was once the private garden of King Rama V.  Now it’s run by the state and is home to over 1600 species of animals, including a vast assortment of monkeys, birds and reptiles.  The enclosures seem sufficient for the larger animals such as the giraffes, zebras and the hippos and the signage are particularly informative and very educational.  On our recent visit in July 2013, we also noticed the presence of some signage in braille.  The grounds are well laid out with an abundance of leafy trees to give much needed shade and respite from the heat and sun. There’s also a lagoon in the centre where you can rent paddle boats and there’s a small children’s playground near the bird aviaries.  There is a semi-enclosed stadium where they hold seal shows (3-4 shows per day on a set schedule).  Nearby there is also a food court where you can eat Thai food very economically.   A great day out.

Info:  The Dusit Zoo is open 7 days a week, from 8am to 6pm.  Admission for foreigners is adults @ 100B ($3.30 US) and children 50B ($1.75 US)—quite a bargain!


This huge (142 acres) park is set in the Silom district of Bangkok and features a large man-made lake at its centre surrounded by leafy trees, green grass and lots of walking tracks. You’ll also find picnic tables, clean toilet facilities and the occasional lizard roaming around too.  And best of all, there is a large playground area for the kiddies.

Info:  Entrance is free and there’s a MRT station across the street.


Wat Arun is a Buddhist temple dating back to the 17thC situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok.  It’s a distinctive landmark, especially when seen in the early morning when it reflects the sun on its porcelain-tiled mosaic surface or at night when it is lit up.  Its central tower is in the Khmer style like some of that found at Angkor Wat so for the kids (and adults), this means fun climbing the steps on the exterior.  But remember:  while it’s fun to climb up, you must eventually come back down!  Tip:  don’t look down when doing this but just focus on placing your feet firmly on the narrow steps and you’ll be alright!

Info:  Wat Arun is open from 8am-5pm.  Entrance fee for foreigners is 80B (kids under 100cm are free, as for most things in Thailand).  Best accessed via Chao Phraya Express Boat (need to change boat to cross river).

So there you have it.  We would really recommend that you allow lots of time for each of these.  With the exception of Wat Arun and Lumpini Park, we spent a full day at each of the activities.  Get there as close to opening time as you can too and try not to visit Kidzania or Fantasia Lagoon on a weekend.  Have fun!

Make Your Baby Smart with Baby Games Online

For parents, the time their baby starts to understand and experience the world around them in all its glory is a wonderful time. This is also the time that is most crucial for the mental and intellectual development of the baby. It is a learning experience not only for the baby but the parents too. In the digital age that we live today, the earlier you introduce your baby to responsible gadget use the better. Your child will inevitably fidget with your phone or tablet. Soon enough they will even learn to unlock and use it to play games. However, not all parents know how to let their kids play and not get addicted to games or any other distractions on their gadgets. There is a thin line between fun and game addiction that could prove detrimental to the child’s development. Playing baby games online should not be just for fun and frolic but should also involve an element of education and cognitive skill development.

The question that arises is what is the best age to introduce your child to baby games and other digital mediums? Every parent knows their kids abilities and grasping capacity best so the right time is when you think that your child is ready to discover the wonderful uses of an electronic gadget. Experts agree that two and a half is an ideal average age at which kids can quickly pick up on gadget use, with the exception of those who take more time. Many parents today use games on phones and tablets as a distraction for their kids. However, there are many games downloadable games that are perfect for cognitive development as well. These provide a complete learning experience along with keeping your little ones impressed and entertained.

Many critics believe that games have more cons than pros. They discourage physical activity, increase distress and encourage instant gratification. Even though this may be true to some extent, it can be easily countered by being strict with the time allowance to play games. Do not let virtual games substitute the time spent playing outdoors. It is also imperative that you reduce time on the screen. With tons of baby games online available, how do you choose the right ones for your kid? A game that contains graphics that are easy on the eye and a concept that encourages learning and development would be ideal. Here are some points you should remember while selecting the right game:

Always think about amusement first. An entertained kid is a happy kid and there are more chances that they will fully engage into the learning part of the game.

Choose multi-player games so that you and your child can enjoy together.

A game that is interactive and challenging at the same time in the age group it targets is perfect for your child.

Online access should be restrictive and controlled.

Games are indeed a fun way to give your child a diverse environment to grow in. Do not let the worry of addiction stop your child from having fun and learning at the same time.

Jacky is the author of this article on Baby Games. Find more information, about Baby Games Online here

Did Angelababy break-up with Huang Xiaoming? Angelababy rebutted the rumours

Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) have always been a loving couple and it was rumoured that they will be getting married this year. A few days ago on the Internet, a person named Baby left a message: “We cannot blame anybody due to separation. Not sure if it is distance or timing which drifted our distance further. As time passed by, we were busy with our lives despite did not see each other…… How long we need to maintain such lives? It is better to separate and we can only blame ourselves…… How nice I can marry you if you are still single in the future!”

As such, it became the hottest discussion among the netizens after seeing the message. Finally, Angelababy clarified on the Internet: “Please focus on my correct and official weixin message!” As for Xiaoming, he had not replied but his hairstylist uploaded some intimate photos of Angelababy and Xiaoming and wrote: “This world requires beautiful life and people continue to have their beautiful lives. Please do not worry.”

Police arrest mother who tortured & dumped son at petrol station

On Thursday, a 9 year old boy with signs of severe torture was  abandoned at a petrol station by his own mother .Good Samaritans fed him and took him to a police station.(Here)Now, his mother,Blessing Goodluck,who abandoned him at a filling station on Ijaiye Road in the Agbado area of Lagos, has been apprehended by the police.
The police trailed the 23-year-old mother to Ojuelegba, where the son claimed they lived, without success.It was learnt that she was eventually traced to a residence on Sule Babalola Street, Agbado.
PunchMetro gathered that the primary two pupil was taken to a general hospital for treatment. He was seen playing around on Sunday when our correspondent visited the police station.
The mother, who admitted her action was wrong, said she was frustrated, describing her son as being troublesome.
“I have realised that I over-reacted. Kingsley is very stubborn and troublesome. He won’t sit at home. He will be jumping from one house to another. I was frustrated. I promise it will never happen again. I have learnt my lesson.”
A police source told PUNCH Metro that Blessing wept all night in custody. The source said Kingsley had also been counselled to turn a new leaf.
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, said Blessing was still under interrogation and would be charged to court afterwards.
He said, “This is a case of child abuse. The 23-year-old mother was arrested on Sule Babalola Street, Agbado. The boy was abandoned in a bad condition. He was treated at the Lagos State General Hospital, Ile Epo. The mother is under interrogation.”

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Home entertainment system monitoring and auto switch off

I have few devices which are creating my home entertainment system:

  • NEC monitor (sometimes good monitor is better then TV)
  • Yamaha HTR-4065
  • PC Zotac
  • Evolveo DaulCoder DVB-T
  • XBOX 360

All those are connected to network via ethernet and there is some way to monitor or even to remotely control, lets start one by one:

DVB-T and PC

As you might know one of the easiest way to check if device is up or down would be to ping it, however in case of audio/video systems it’s bit hard because if they are in Standby mode they will answer to the ping.
In some cases I don’t even give the device permanent IP(DVB-T and PC). However there is the way to discover them via UPnP.

There is linux utility gssdp-discovery which use ssdp to discover UPnP capable device and as far as each device have unique identificator uuid we can check if device is running by checking if device is responding to ssdp discovery.

Below is small script which check based on uuid if device is running, which IP it was assigned and on which port UPnP is listening and record this to sqlite database.

#! /bin/bash

#test if device can be discovered using SSDP
#IMPORTANT return true if device is down
  return `gssdp-discover -n 10 -t uuid:$1 | grep "resource available" | wc -l`


if [[ -z $HFILE ]]
  echo "$HFILE doesn't exist"
  exit 1

while read line
  uuid=$(echo "$line" | cut -d, -f5)
  mac=$(echo "$line" | cut -d, -f4)
  prev_status_polls=$(sqlite3 $DBFILE "SELECT cur_state,polls_in_state FROM dev_status WHERE mac = '$mac';")
  prev_status=$(echo "$prev_status_polls" | cut -d| -f1)
  prev_polls=$(echo "$prev_status_polls" | cut -d| -f2)

  #remeber testUPnP returns true if device is down
  if `testUPnP $uuid`
    if [ "$prev_status" == "Up" ]
      sqlite3 $DBFILE "UPDATE devices SET ip = NULL, upnp_port = NULL WHERE mac = '$mac';"
    if [ "$prev_status" == "Down" ]
      location=`gssdp-discover -n 10 -t uuid:$uuid | grep "Location:" | sed 's/ *Location: http:////g'| cut -d/ -f1 | sed 's////g'`
      echo "$location"
      ip=$(echo "$location" | cut -d: -f1)
      upnp_port=$(echo "$location" | cut -d: -f2)
      echo "$ip:$upnp_port"
      sqlite3 $DBFILE "UPDATE devices SET ip = '$ip', upnp_port = '$upnp_port' WHERE mac = '$mac';"

  if [ "$prev_status" == "$new_status" ]
    new_polls=$((prev_polls + 1))
  sqlite3 $DBFILE "UPDATE dev_status SET cur_state = '$new_status', polls_in_state = '$new_polls' WHERE mac = '$mac';"
  echo "$uuid,$mac,$new_status,$prev_status,$new_polls"
done < ${HFILE}


Yamaha HTR-4065

Even though Yamaha have UPnP we will rather use YNC to get the status, because we also want to know which input is actually active. Below is python script which finds the status and input and store that in sqlite database.

#! /usr/bin/python
import sqlite3
import sys
import httplib, urllib
import re
from xml.dom import minidom
from xml.parsers.expat import ExpatError
conn = httplib.HTTPConnection("")
xml_req_power = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><YAMAHA_AV cmd="GET"><Main_Zone><Power_Control><Power>GetParam</Power></Power_Control></Main_Zone></YAMAHA_AV>'
xml_req_input = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><YAMAHA_AV cmd="GET"><Main_Zone><Input><Input_Sel>GetParam</Input_Sel></Input></Main_Zone></YAMAHA_AV>'
params = urllib.urlencode({'q': 'set'})
headers = { 'Content-Type': 'application/xml', "Content-Length": "%d" % len(xml_req_power)}
conn.request("POST", "/YamahaRemoteControl/ctrl", "", headers)
xmldoc = minidom.parseString(conn.getresponse().read())
xml_input_element = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName('Power')
#print xml_input_element[0]
for node in xml_input_element:
  power_status = node.firstChild.nodeValue
#Geting input
headers = { 'Content-Type': 'application/xml', "Content-Length": "%d" % len(xml_req_input)}
conn.request("POST", "/YamahaRemoteControl/ctrl", "", headers)
#response = conn.getresponse()
#print response.status, response.reason
#response_data =
#print response_data
xmldoc = minidom.parse(conn.getresponse())
xml_input_element = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName('Input_Sel')
for node in xml_input_element:
  av_input = node.firstChild.nodeValue
print "StatusttAV Input"
print power_status + "tt" + av_input
select_query = "SELECT cur_state,polls_in_state,input FROM dev_status WHERE mac = '00:a0:de:92:6b:78';"
#print update_query
judodb = sqlite3.connect('/var/www/judo.db')
cur = judodb.cursor()
rows = cur.execute(select_query)
for row in rows:
  prev_state = row[0]
  prev_polls = row[1]
  prev_input = row[2]
if prev_state == power_status and prev_input == av_input:
  new_polls = prev_polls + 1
print prev_state + "tt" + str(new_polls)
update_query = "UPDATE dev_status SET input = '" + av_input + "', cur_state = '" + power_status + "', polls_in_state = " + str(new_polls)  + " WHERE mac = '00:a0:de:92:6b:78'"



NEC responds to ping in Standby and of course don’t have UPnP, however the NEC remote control over ethernet let us find out the actual status.
Below python script check the status and store it in sqlite database.

#! /usr/bin/python
import sys
import socket
import sqlite3
monitor_ip = ''
port = 7142
buffer_size = 2048
data_on = 'x01x30x41x30x41x30x36x02x30x31x44x36x03x74x0d'
new = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
new.connect((monitor_ip, port))
data = ''
#message is split over several packets so need to get all content, message we expect have 25bytes
packet = new.recv(buffer_size)
data += packet
while len(data) < 25 or not packet:
   packet = new.recv(buffer_size)
   data += packet
#Reponse OFF
#Response ON
off_response = b'x30x30x41x42x31x32x30x32x30x30x44x36x30x30x30x30x30x34x30x30x30x34'
on_response = bytes("x30x30x41x42x31x32x30x32x30x30x44x36x30x30x30x30x30x34x30x30x30x31")
#there seems to be some not printable chars because of packet fragmentation
#using index is dirty hack but don't care
if data[23] == off_response[21]:
  power_status = "Off"
elif data[23] == on_response[21]:
  power_status = "On"
  power_status = "Unknown"
#Now we need to update sqlite with status
select_query = "SELECT cur_state,polls_in_state FROM dev_status WHERE mac = '00:25:5c:2e:36:39';"
#print update_query
judodb = sqlite3.connect('/var/www/judo.db')
cur = judodb.cursor()
rows = cur.execute(select_query)
for row in rows:
  prev_state = row[0]
  prev_polls = row[1]
if prev_state == power_status:
  new_polls = prev_polls + 1
print prev_state + "tt" + str(new_polls)
update_query = "UPDATE dev_status SET cur_state = '" + power_status + "', polls_in_state = " + str(new_polls)  + " WHERE mac = '00:25:5c:2e:36:39'"


XBOX 360

For monitoring of XBOX 360 I’ve have to use arping and UPnP, because of limitation of XBOX 360 OS more can be find here including the script.

Automatic Switch Off

Now as we have ways of getting status we just use crontab to run the scripts each 10 minutes and to get the status and store it in to sqlite database. We are storing also how many time we see it consecutively in current status. (polls_in_state column in table below)

sqlite> .schema dev_status
CREATE TABLE dev_status(mac TEXT, cur_state TEXT, polls_in_state NUM, input TEXT);
sqlite> select * from dev_status;

Last thing we have to do is set crontab to run script, which check status based on the status of devices finds what is running and if no device coresponding to AV receiver input is running, (means that AV receiver is running for nothing) it will switch it off. Same for NEC.

crontab -l

#Monitoring of home network
*/10 * * * * /var/www/monitoring/judo_icmp_monitoring &> /dev/null
*/10 * * * * /var/www/monitoring/judo_upnp_monitoring &> /dev/null
*/10 * * * * /var/www/monitoring/ &> /dev/null
*/10 * * * * /var/www/monitoring/ &> /dev/null
*/10 * * * * /var/www/monitoring/ &> /dev/null

5,15,25,35,45,55 * * * * /var/www/monitoring/autostop >> /media/nas/public/autostop.log

autostop script

#! /bin/bash



  SQLQUERY="SELECT cur_state,polls_in_state,input FROM dev_status WHERE mac = '$1';"
  SQLRESULT=`sqlite3 $DBFILE "$SQLQUERY" | sed 's/|/ /g;'`
  echo "$SQLRESULT"

ACTION='No action'

echo -n ""


#Example of output

if [[ $HTR_STATUS == "On" && $HTR_POLLS_IN_STATUS -gt 3 ]]
  case $HTR_INPUT in
       #echo "Check Evolve status"
       read Evolve_STATUS Evolve_POLLS_IN_STATUS Evolve_INPUT <<< `getDeviceStatus $Evolve_MAC`
       echo -n "$Evolve_STATUS $Evolve_POLLS_IN_STATUS $Evolve_INPUT"
       if [[ $Evolve_STATUS == "Down" && $Evolve_POLLS_IN_STATUS -gt 3 ]]
         ACTION="Switching HTR-4065 and NEC off"
       #echo "Check XBOX 360 status"
       if [[ $XBOX_STATUS == "Down" && $XBOX_POLLS_IN_STATUS -gt 3 ]]
         ACTION="Switching HTR-4065 and NEC off"
       #echo "Checking PC Zotac Status"
       read Zotac_STATUS Zotac_POLLS_IN_STATUS Zotac_INPUT <<< `getDeviceStatus $Zotac_MAC`
       echo -n "$Zotac_STATUS $Zotac_POLLS_IN_STATUS $Zotac_INPUT"
       if [[ $Zotac_STATUS == "Down" && $Zotac_POLLS_IN_STATUS -gt 3 ]]
         ACTION="Switching HTR-4065 and NEC off"
  #AV reciever is Standby for more then hour and NEC is On for
  if [[ ! $HTR_STATUS == "On" ]]

    if [[ $HTR_POLLS_IN_STATE -gt 6 && $NEC_STATUS == "On" && $NEC_POLLS_IN_STATUS -gt 3 ]]
      ACTION="Switching NEC Off"

echo -n "$ACTION"
echo ""
#HTR-4065 HDMI1 : Evolve Down,3 => OFF: NEC, HTR-4065
#HTR-4065 HDMI2 : XBOX_360 Down,3 => OFF: NEC, HTR-4065
#HTR-4065 HDMI3 : PC_Zotac Down,3 => OFF: NEC, HTR-4065
#HTR-4065 HDMI4 : Not Assigned


Warner Home Entertainment Puts Spotlight on Batman vs. Robin, Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts, Two Warner Archive Collection Panels April 3-5 at WonderCon/Anaheim

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) and Warner Archive Collection (WAC) take the spotlight for all three days of WonderCon in Anaheim, April 3-5, with World Premieres of the highly anticipated animated films Batman vs. Robin and Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts, and a pair of WAC panels highlighted by the first-ever sing-along with the “Mayhem of the Music Meister” episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold and a salute to super hero “sidekicks.”

Batman vs. Robin panelists will also be autographing WonderCon-exclusive mini-posters on Friday from 3:45-4:30pm at Booth 233.

Here are the complete panel descriptions, including all confirmed panelists for Warner Bros. Home Entertainment & Warner Archive Collection at WonderCon:

Friday, 4/3/15
6:00–8:00pm World Premiere: Batman vs. Robin – Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation welcome WonderCon attendees to the World Premiere of Batman vs. Robin, the latest entry in the ongoing series of DC Universe Original Movies. In the film, Damian Wayne, now bearing the mantle of Robin, blazes a headstrong and sometimes reckless trail alongside his father, Batman. While investigating a crime scene, Robin encounters a mysterious figure, Talon, who leads him on a life-altering course through the depths of Gotham’s secret society, known as The Court of Owls. It’s a dangerous journey that will force Batman and Robin to face their most dangerous adversary – each other! Be among the first to see this new film, then stay for a star-studded panel led by the voices of Batman, Robin and Nightwing – Jason O’Mara (Terra Nova, Complications), Stuart Allan (Son of Batman) and Sean Maher (Firefly/Serenity, Much Ado About Nothing), respectively – alongside producer James Tucker (Justice League: Throne of Atlantis), director Jay Oliva (Batman: Assault on Arkham), Eisner Award-winning writer J.M. DeMatteis (Justice League, Teen Titans Go!), character designer Phil Bourassa (Justice League: Throne of Atlantis), dialogue director Andrea Romano (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns) and some potential special guests. DC All-Access host Tiffany Smith will moderate the fun, including the awarding of a few exclusive prizes. Inspired by the storyline from the best-selling graphic novel, Batman: Court of Owls, Batman vs. Robin arrives April 14, 2015 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on Blu-Ray™ Combo Pack, DVD and Digital HD. Arena

Saturday, 4/4/15
5:45–6:45pm Toonstock II: Warner Archive Collection’s Music Meister Sing-Along – Once more, with feeling! You’re invited to the second annual toe-tapping, floor-stomping celebration of great cartoon music, this year featuring the first-ever WonderCon exclusive sing-along with the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode, “Mayhem of the Music Meister.” Join composers Kristopher Carter, Michael McCuistion and Lolita Ritmanis, BTBATB producers James Tucker & Michael Jelenic, Warner Archive Collection podcast hosts Matt Patterson and DW Ferranti and a few possible surprise guests for an entertaining, interactive look/listen at some of the great cartoon music of the past 50+ years. Moderator Gary Miereanu might even hand out a few cool prizes! Room 300DE.

Sunday, 4/5/15
11:30am–1:00pm World Premiere of Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts – Another storm is brewing in Gotham and it’s not only raining cats and dogs but evil Cyber Animals! Be among the first to see how Batman and his team of super heroes meets the challenge in the World Premiere of Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts. When the city is plagued by a slew of bizarre crimes committed by an animal-inspired villain squad known as the Animilitia – comprised of Silverback, Cheetah, Killer Croc and Man-Bat – Batman must swing into action to investigate. These animalistic villains bring new and exciting challenges for the hero of Gotham, and Batman must find a way to bring these criminal creatures to a halt! But could the Animilitia be working for powerful businessman Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a. The Penguin? How does The Penguin’s new invention of robotic Cyber Animals fit into the mix? In the end, it’ll the combined forces of Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, Nightwing and Red Robin to combat these Animal Instincts. Catch this all new flick, then stay for an entertaining panel featuring the voices of Batman and Red Robin, Roger Craig Smith (Batman: Arkham Origins) and Yuri Lowenthal (Ben 10 franchise, Naruto) with screenwriter Heath Corson; and surprise guests. Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts arrives May 12, 2015 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on Blu-Ray™ Combo Pack, DVD and Digital HD. Room 300AB

Sunday, 4/5/15
1:00–2:00pm Warner Archive Collection’s More Than Sidekicks! – Super Heroes may get the glory, but it’s their “sidekicks” that do all the real heavy lifting … and steal your heart. Join the definitive voice of Robin, Loren Lester (Batman: The Animated Series) , legendary super hero animation producer Alan Burnett, Eisner Award-winning writer J.M. DeMatteis, Young Justice producer Greg Weisman, Warner Archive Collection podcasters DW Ferranti and Matthew Patterson for an engaging look at some of the most endearing sidekicks to grace the popular DC-based TV series, from Burt Ward in the 1966 Batman series and Legends of the Superheroes TV special and the early TV toon incarnations of Teen Titans and Batman & Robin to modern high-def presentations of Young Justice, Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the popular Teen Titans Go!  Moderator Gary Miereanu will keep the festivities light, as always will have some cool autographed goodies from the Warner Archive Collection to award lucky fans. Room 300AB

Audio Mastering Services in Toronto

Audio Mastering services Toronto
Audio mastering services in Toronto provide musicians and artists with an experienced set of ears to make the final changes to studio recordings. Professionals in the industry working in the most advanced and effective mastering studios are able to take a good song and make it great. The best in the business will also have an in-house team able to help with graphics and packaging, as well as creating the final disc package. It’s the last stop in the transformation from a ditty in an artist’s head into a beautifully constructed masterpiece ready for audiences and store shelves.


The studio work is done, the tracks have been laid out, and it’s ready for production. Before burning off a bunch of copies, it can be extremely beneficial to have an outside set of ears take a listen. A listener who isn’t too close to the project may be able to identify issues and correct them before the big run. Simple things like changing the mixer levels, changing track order, fading in and out of tracks, and eliminating the buzz on the chorus can change an album in surprising ways.


Audio mastering requires a talented ear and experience with the equipment and tools available in a well-equipped studio. The ability to pick up on subtle sounds and reduce background noise can’t be done by an untrained ear. Duplium works with professional audio experts in the industry who are able to work in any music genre and have decades of experience with audio mastering. The final step in the process of writing, developing, and recording an album should be a couple of sessions with an audio mastering specialist.

Packaging and Duplication

The finest professionals in the industry provide more than just audio mastering. When the time comes, a strong in-house team of designers can help with album artwork and graphics, and prepare them for printing. There are several options available in terms of inserts, each made with the best paper and board stock available. They use industry standard sizes and high quality materials to ensure that the album being duplicated looks as professional as anything created by the big labels.
When it comes to disc duplication, there are a few options. Short runs are typically duplicated onto CDs, while larger runs are replicated with state of the art equipment. Limited runs and special editions can be created quickly and for a reasonable price.
Audio mastering services in Toronto should be able to make the subtle changes in an album that perfect the recordings and make them into the true works of art that the artist envisioned prior to recording. The service provided by the most dependable experts in the business shouldn’t end with mastering. When the album is done, the convenience of in-house design, packaging and printing takes the headache out of sourcing from several smaller companies. When the studio work is done, complete the album with one simple stop at the most experienced and advanced audio mastering studio with an in-house team that can get the CD shelf-ready at a fair price.

Entertainment Center Furniture

Some Products pages may be in the process of being updated & any items pictured usually represent only a small fraction of the inventory available at our warehouse, so contact us at 917-776-5743 or 718-567-0155 for more product options


#CCC1 – 700280 TV Stand


#CCC2 –  700281 TV Stand


#CCC3 – 700290 TV Stand


#CCC4 – 700291 TV Stand


#CCC5 – 700321 Dark Brown TV Console


#CCC6 – 700609 Transitional Media Console with Doors and Shelves


#CCC7 – 700610 Transitional Media Console with Doors and Shelves


#CCC8 – 700611 Contemporary Metal and Glass Media Console


#CCC9 – 700612 Contemporary Metal and Glass Media Console


#CCC10 – 700615 Casual Contemporary Media Console with Bracket


#CCC11 – 700617 Casual Contemporary Metal Media Console with Bracket


#CCC12 – 700619 Transitional Media Cosole with Doors and Shelves


#CCC13 – 700636 Classic Media Console with Doors and Shelves


#CCC14 – 700644 Contemporary Media Console with Shelves and Drawers


#CCC15 – 700645 Contemporary Media Console with Shelves and Drawers


#CCC16 – 700647 Contemporary Media Console with Glass Doors


#CCC17 – 700649 Contemporary Media Console with Shelves and Drawers
#CCC18 – 700112 Modern TV Console


#CCC19 – 700113 Modern TV Console


#CCC20 – 700133 Mission Style Media Console with Doors and Drawers


#CCC21 – 700231 TV Console with Doors and Shelves
#CCC22 – 700650 Contemporary TV Console with CONNECT-IT Power Drawer-RTA


#CCC23 – 700649 Contemporary Media Console with Shelves and Drawers


#CCC24 – 700656 Transitional Media Console with Glass Doors


#CCC25 – 700657 Transitional Media Console with Glass Door


#CCC26 – 700658 Fullerton Transitional Corner Media Unit with Glass Doors


#CCC27 – 700659 Transitional Media Console with Glass Doors and Shelves


#CCC28 – 700664 Contemporary Metal and Glass Media Console

Importance of Painting and Painters Service in Brisbane

Many people have the wrong notion that they are just as good as professional painters in Brisbane. Such people usually take up painting in Brisbane as a do-it-yourself project after watching half a dozen YouTube videos. To their surprise, a painting job turns out to be more difficult and tricky than they ever thought it could be. Slapping a coat of black or blue paint on the wall does seem like a damn easy thing to do at times. However, there is a lot more to painting a house than just applying a quick coat.

Read on to know why it is important to hire professional painters in Brisbane to execute a painting job instead of doing it on your own!



A professional painter can execute a painting job in a cost-effective manner. They are aware of the different types of paints that can actually protect the house in the long term from deterioration.

Get the Lowest Possible Estimate

It is up to you to contact different companies operational in Brisbane and request quotes. While some companies offer a free on-site consultation, few others provide a free quote online after taking some basic inputs from you. Few painters in Brisbane can even help you to compare quotes if they do not sell such materials.

Since technicians and consultants with hands-on job experience in executing or supervising painting jobs have a clear idea of different types of materials and their costs, they can guide you well and help you to get the best estimate possible.


In order to protect customers’ interests and assure them about the quality of work, reputed painters in Brisbane provide several guarantees. For example, if the warranty period is 7 years, the service provider will be responsible for carrying out all repairs free of cost for that duration. It is, however, important to completely understand the exact cover provided by a painting service provider.


All painting service providers operating in Brisbane are legally required to have insurance cover. In extreme cases, if you suffer a loss due to the painter or any other crew member, your financial interest are protected by the insurance company.

Little or no maintenance is required

When your house is painted by a professional, you’ll need little or no maintenance for several years at a stretch. In other words, your maintenance costs are significantly reduced by first making a small investment on hiring a reliable company that has a team of experienced painters, technicians and design consultants.


The quality of work done by an expert painter is always better than an amateur or first timer. Only expert knows how to really control the paintbrush and add life to walls inside your home. Painting service providers always provide a clear time and cost estimate to their customers. Therefore, you can just let them know about your ideas, specific requirements and wait for expert painters to finish the job in record time or before that.

Canadian Artists

The definition of an artist is wide-ranging and covers a broad spectrum of activities inclusive of forming, practicing or demonstrating a creative work. The word “art,” derived from the Latin “ars,” means “skill, method, technique, or craft,” is understood not in the functional aspect of the object created, but in its beauty. During the Middle Ages, the idea of the artist already existed in some European countries, but the meaning was something resembling craftsman for both the utility of the objects and their attractiveness. An artist was considered someone who was able to do a given work better than others, so the skill at the activity was underlined, rather than the activity itself.


In present day, the word “artist” is a descriptive term applied to a person who engages in an activity deemed to be an art, such as sculpture. An artist can also be defined as, “a person who expresses themselves through a medium,” such as bronze. The word “artist” has a qualitative meaning – in the sense that people who use imagination, talent, or skill to create works with real aesthetic value are artists.


Art historians and critics define artists as those who produce art within a recognized or recognizable discipline; these disciplines are extensive and include forms such as dance, painting, or even bronze sculpture.


Artists are often associated with particular societies and their cultures. In Canadian culture, artists enhance and define the value of the country they live in and are held in esteem as national symbols of greatness. The presence of the works of “great masters” in museums all over the world helps nations to further their influence. In this sense, all the works of these artists will become “public” within their nationality. Recognized Canadian artists uphold a certain status and are considered ambassadors. Examples of famous modern Canadian artists include:

  • AA Bronson (mixed media)
  • Ken Danby (painter)
  • Nina Raginsky (photographer), and
  • Brett Davis (sculptor)

These are but a few stellar examples of modern artists who will join other renowned artists such as the Group of Seven, Alice Munro, Margaret Atwood, Frances Loring, and Walter Seymour Allward in their Canadian iconic status in the annals of time.


In the case of Brett Davis, his uniqueness comes from his understanding and mastery of the bronze medium. He understands the importance of art within the community and has worked to integrate site-specific bronze sculptures and bronze water features into the landscape designs. His art is also displayed in the form of public monuments to immortalize a significant person, family or historic event; monuments that have become landmarks in the community and have been key in the promotion of culture and tourism. He is a Canadian artist who you can further explore on his main website at

Dresser to Entertainment Center

Hi all!  I know I have been a bad blogger this month with only 1-2 posts a week and I am sorry for that but I have been busy working in the shop on furniture makeovers.  The blog is the first thing that gets neglected when I get busy with work.  My house cleaning duties are second…we won’t talk about the laundry that sat on the end of my bed for more than a few days.  This week will be better!  The house is clean and blog posts are already written!

Today, I have a quick look at a dresser I turned into an entertainment center.

A repeat customer found an amazing Thomasville, solid wood, 9 drawer dresser and wanted it turned into an entertaiment center.  I love projects like this.

Here is the before shot.  And yes, I know this is a bad picture.  And yes, its the only one I have.  Again, bad blogger.

Here is the after.  The client is getting new knobs for the top drawers and doors.  I’ll get her to take a picture when the entertainment center is set up and I’ll update this post.


So pretty.  I love this color and can’t wait to see it in it’s new home.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!  Safe travels and shopping to everyone getting out today.

Jobs for Teens in Amusement, Theme, Water and Entertainment Parks’s Editorially Selected Places that traditionally hire teens among
Amusement, Theme, Water and Entertainment Parks

Minimum age for employment: Generally starts at 14+

Adventure City
Balboa Fun Zone
Belmont Park
Boomers/Camelot/Family Fun Centers
Castle Amusement Park
Children’s Fairyland
Disneyland/Disney’s California Adventure
Fairytale Town
Gilroy Gardens Theme Park
Great America
Knott’s Berry Farm
Mountasia Family Fun Center
Nut Tree Family ParkPacific Park
Pharaohs Lost Kingdom
Pier 39
Pixie Woods
Pixieland Amusement Park
Rotary Storyland & Playland
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Scandia Amusement Park
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Sonoma Traintown
Studio Park Hollywood
Trees of Mystery
Universal Studios Hollywood

Adventure Island
Adventure Landing
Big Kahuna’s
Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay
Cypress Gardens
Dinosaur World
Fun Spot Action Park
The Holyland Experience
Lion Country Safari
Old Town
Rapids Water Park
Sam’s Fun City
SeaWorld Orlando
Shipwreck Island
Silver Springs
Sun Splash Water Park
Universal Orlando
Walt Disney World
Wannado City
Weeki Wachee Springs
Wet ‘n Wild
Wild Waters

Blackberry Farm’s Pioneer Village
Donley’s Wild West Town
Hurricane Harbor
Knight’s Caribbean Water Adventure
Magic Waters
Six Flags Great America

New Jersey
Bowcraft Amusement Park
Clementon Amusement Park
Fantasy Island
Funtown Amusement Pier
Gillian’s Wonderland Pier
Jenkinson’s Boardwalk
Keansburg Amusement Park
Land of Make Believe & Pirate’s Cove
Morey’s Piers
Mountain Creek Waterpark
Pirate’s Cove
Playland’s Castaway Cove
Raging Waters/Ocean Oasis
Runaway Rapids Waterpark
Six Flags Great Adventure
Steel Pier
Storybook Land
Thundering Surf Waterpark
Wild West City

Castaway Cove
Joyland Amusement Park
Kemah Boardwalk
Kiddie Acres
Kiddie Park
Sandy Lake Amusement Park
SeaWorld Adventure Park
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Over Texas
Western Playland
Wonderland Park
Wonder World Park

Amazing Party Themes: Essential Tips to Organise a Party

Organising a party will require you much time in planning. Indeed planning a party ahead of time will help you make it a very special one. Learning the following some party tips will surely help you save time in organising a party.

Determine Your Party Theme

Make sure that you choose a theme that will best reflect your personality. If you want to throw a formal cocktail party, you may select a theme that is something like a refined retro theme or Hollywood theme. However, If you want to have a party that will require you to dance all night then you may choose a 1970’s disco theme. Never be afraid of becoming adventurous to your party theme.

Get Your Invites Out Early

Sending your invites early will give your guests all the time to look for their party costumes especially when they have trouble in dressing up. Hence, they can look for the best dress to wear on your party without being in a hurry.

Appreciate Your Guests’ Costumes

Make your guests feel that their effort in looking for the best dress for your party is appreciated. You may create a simple contest perhaps that will allow your guests to showcase their outfit in front and award the most lovely outfit of the night.

Do Not Forget the Party Giveaways

Your guests will surely appreciate and treasure anything that they will receive during the party. A simple keepsake will do. Make sure that your giveaways will speak about your party theme that every time one of your guests sees it, he or she will surely remember the fun and excitement that they have experience during that day.

To lessen your burden in planning your party, choose to buy your party stuff at Party KingdomParty Kingdom provides you a with wide array of online party supplies to choose from. They offer party costume, caterings, giveaways, party decorations, party balloons and a lot more!

Should you wish to purchase any of their offered online party supplies, call Party Kingdom at (02) 4722-3793 Email : Sales at or log on to

Canadian Sculptors

The work of Canadian sculptors is an institution in Canada. For those looking to purchase or commission a sculpture, there are many points of consideration that should be taken into account, such as;

  • unique bronze art sculpturesLocation – where will the sculpture be located and what type of elements will it need to endure?
  • Material – both the durability of the material and the ability of the material to convey meaning should be endured.
  • Logistics – how big will the piece be and how will it travel from the point of creation to point of display?
  • Artist – who will help conceptualize and ultimately craft the sculpture?

An experienced local artist of international acclaim can help. Brett Davis stands out among Canadian sculptors as a master in his craft. With over 30 years of experience and artwork residing all over the word, including North America, Europe and Asia, Brett Davis can offer an outstanding experience in purchasing or commissioning sculpture.

bronze art concept for minimalistic modern style

Brett Davis chose to specialize in bronze sculpture due to its unique characteristics. Bronze is a metal that encompasses sturdiness while maintaining its elegant look. Bronze sculptures are timeless and can age the same way a fine wine might. It is able to express a wide range of colours to cater to specific requirements, which also allows for expansion of representation.

As a master bronze sculptor, Brett is able to cater towards a client’s specific requirements for theme and taste. For example, large-scale works should be site-specific, meaning they should be designed to fit into the architecture or landscape of the very space that it will occupy. This allows the art to become a centrepiece which enhances the atmosphere of the surrounding space.


Whether as an individual, or as part of an organization, corporation or government, commissioning a bronze sculpture from Canadian sculptors will allow the purchaser to obtain a work of art that will command a significant presence by providing a poignant association or representing the essence of the community.


Learn more about Brett Davis at

Why Movie promotion is very important

Movie promotion is actually an act of promotion particularly in the movie business, and ordinarily happens as coordination with the methodology of movie distribution. Known as press junket or movie junket, movie promotion usually incorporates press releases, advertising campaigns, promoting and media, and meetings with the key individuals included with the making of the movie, similar to on-screen actors and directors. As with all business it is an imperative part of any release in light of the inborn high money related danger; movie studios will put resources into extravagant advertising campaigns to maximize income right on time in the release cycle. Advertising spending plans have a tendency to equal about a large portion of the creation spending plan.

Online networking gives the individual the flexibility to opinionate about a movie. Nowadays, Directors organize polls and also quizzes to consult their fans what sort of posters would they need for a specific movie or to recommend them a suitable title for their movie. The work of the audience is no more to sit back and watch; actually they pick and choose the menu on their platter themselves! Along these lines, is there much else to clarify! A movie promotion needs a fan page and the feelings of its eventual group of onlookers to be made their direction, along these lines serving them fitting!

Tamil movie promotion can assume a big role in no matter movie gets the green light. Audience research is a important factor deciding the capacity of a movie to sell in theaters, which is at last how movies profit. As a feature of a movie’s marketing technique, group of onlooker’s examination comes into record as makers make special materials. These limited time materials reliably change and advance as an immediate result of crowd research up until the movie opens in theater.

Entertainment Jobs Vacancies in India

Job Vacancies for Actor, Actress, Model,Photographer,Fashion Designer/ Jewellery Designer

We have many vacancies for Actor/ Actress/ Model,Photographer,Fashion Designer/ Jewellery Designer ect in various parts of India.

Key Skills :
Actor/ Actress/ Model,Photographer,Fashion Designer/ Jewellery Designer

0 – 5 Years

Event Management,Photographer,Bookkeeping,Film Maker,News Anchor/Compere

Job Function:
Accounting/Tax/Company Secretary/Audit,Advertising/PR/Events,Anchoring/TV/Films/Production

Accounting-Tax/Consulting, Advertising/PR/Event Management, Entertainment/Media

School & Graduation – Any Graduate

How to Get a Job with a Cruise Line

  1. What types of jobs are there? Cruise ships are floating resorts, a complete city at sea. Whether you’ve just returned from a cruise or you’ve seen Love Boat or Titanic, you know what a cruise vacation is about: fun, entertainment, service and worldwide travel. Working with a cruise company gives you the best of both worlds – Travel, Adventure, Romance and a Steady Paycheck. Did you know there are more than 300 types of jobs aboard ship plus dozens of opportunities at cruise company headquarters around the world? Imagine yourself traveling to places you’ve always dreamed of – and getting paid for it. Which of these jobs would be best for you.
  1. Who are cruise lines hiring? Students, Career-changers, Retirees- “people-people’ who enjoy working with others. Cruise lines are always hiring people with experience in: hospitality, tourism, entertainment, restaurants and bars, teaching, childcare, sales, customer relations, gaming, marketing, fitness, health and beauty, medicine and healthcare, administration, banking, accounting and financial management. Did we mention entertainment? That’s the name of the game aboard cruise ships -and your #1 priority as a cruise line employee is to provide a safe, fun and memorable vacation experience. Cruise lines hire dependable, competent people with outgoing, positive attitudes.
  1.  How do I get hired? The A-B-C’s of getting hired:

Get to know the players and you’ll find the cruise lines most likely to hire you. Who are the most successful cruise lines? Who is adding new ships? Apply there first. Familiarize yourself with your prospective employer’s “product. Where do their ships travel? For what programs and facilities are they best known? Most importantly – what kind of people will you find aboard their ships? The passengers are your ultimate employer, the customers you’ll serve, protect and entertain. know the Players: Royal Caribbean International, Princess and Carnival are known as the ‘Big Three’, with the largest fleets in the industry, these employers should be at the top of your list. There are also unique job opportunities with smaller, specialty cruise lines like Delta Queen Steamboat Co., and Special Expeditions.

The type of programs and facilities offered by each cruise line offers define who gets hired. Companies with state-of-the-art spas, salons and fitness centers hire more stylists, aromatherapists, massage therapists and fitness instructors. Entertainment jobs vary from line to line. Crystal Cruises and Seabourn may hire lecturers, pianists, classical quartets and duos; while NCL’s popular sports and theme cruises create openings for theme entertainers, lecturers and celebrities. Comedians, production dancers and Rock N Roll or Jazz bands are most likely to be hired by lines such as Carnival, Princess, Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity, and Holland America Line.

  1. cruise line’s ‘primary market’ or type of guest also determines job opportunities: Disney Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Lines boast of the biggest year-round youth counselor staffs in the industry. Gentlemen Hosts will find openings with lines that cater more to the mature traveler.
  2. Choose several jobs which interest you and compare your qualifications to the required duties and responsibilities. You many find your previous work or education can easily translate into a job that offers worldwide travel. You’ll also learn what skills or certifications you need to add to your resume to get aboard. Hot Tip: Practice public speaking whenever possible, study a foreign language or get your CPR or Lifesaving Certification.
  3. Sell yourself!. Make it easy for the personnel director to see how you’re qualified for a specific job. Get to know yourself – what you have to offer – Target your resume and cover letter towards one specific job – and show how your work experience, talents, skills and education directly relate to the new opportunity. Don’t just list what you’ve accomplished – show how you can contribute to the passenger’s cruise experience. Include on your resume: previous work experience, duties, responsibilities, awards, promotions and salary history. Include educational achievements, degrees and certifications, hobbies, awards and membership in organizations. Hot Tip: Apply early and often – but don’t pester personnel by phone – send follow up letters and resume updates.
  4.   Are there short-term, holiday and summer jobs?Yes, the cruise industry hires year-round and seasonally. Most employees work for a period of six to nine months with one to two months off. Many departments add staff for holiday cruises, and peak sailings through winter and spring. Doctors and Nurses can find year round employment or assignments as brief as two to three months. Peak hiring times for youth counselors? Holidays and summer – perfect for students or teachers who love to travel. Hot Tip: (from a leading executive of Carnival Cruise Lines) List your specific dates of availability (ex. from May 15 to Sept. 1 ) so personnel knows how to schedule you. Tami teaches Kindergarten in Indianapolis during the school year. She travels as a youth counselor over her Christmas, spring & summer break. Karina saves her tips and salary from eight months work as a massage therapist – then backpacks across Europe for two months. David, a retired widower, now dances his way around the world as a gentleman host.
    5. How’s the Pay? Cruise ship pay compares to good jobs shore – Plus you save a lot of money because most expenses are left behind. On board ship your room and meals are included. No more rent, grocery, electric, or gas bills! You can bank your salary and tips, or blow it all in ports of call. You’ll want to negotiate your pay based on your own salary history and demand for the job. Sample current pay ranges: Casino Manager: $2,000-3,000 per month revenue sharing. Gift Shop Retail Sales: $1,000-1,500 per month (commission included.) Hairstylist/Beautician: $1,000-1,300 per month (tips included) Shore Excursion Manager: $1,800 – $3,000 per month plus commission.

Add Magic To Your Kid’s Room With Kid’s Wall Murals

“Studies have shown that colours can stimulate creativity in a child’s uncomplicated mind. This is the reason why the interior of kid rooms is done in bright colours and beautiful shapes. A very popular and appealing way to decorate your kid’s room is with the use of kids wall murals. With the help of mural painting you can cover a wall with a distinctive scene with which your young one can relate to. You should always keep in mind a few aspects while getting a wall mural done in your children’s bedroom. Let us look into these handy tips:
• Themes: The options for kid’s mural theme are huge. For young ladies some popular themes are princess, Cinderella, flowers, castles, Barbie, Snow White, Sleeping beauty, little mermaid, etc. Popular themes for young boys are cars, planes, robot, outer space, superman, spiderman, avengers, hulk, batman, etc. You can also choose from inspirational themes that can be used for both girls and boys room like jungle, beaches, underwater world, number world, alphabet world, etc.

• Type of Paint: There are different types of wall murals paints available these days. For kids room non-toxic paint is a popular choice. Another in demand paint is the glow in the dark paint. The use of glow in the dark paint gives a special touch to the paint. Kids are excited about having an artwork that they can see even when the lights are turned off. This small twist can bring a smile on the face of your young one.

• Finding Wall Mural Artist: A quick internet search can help you get the contacts of many talented wall mural artists in your area. It is advisable to opt for artists who have experience in doing kids’ room. They can bring in their expertise and better your vision to get the best wall mural painted on your children’s room. Always check the time frame and the budget of the project before you hire any artists. Also view their past work to get a better idea about their work quality.

Wall murals are the perfect way to set an exciting mood in your young one’s room. Children are sensitive creatures. A beautifully done wall mural can influence them and also bring out their creativity. The best thing about wall murals is that it takes the kids into their fantasy world. Gift your child a wall mural that will be etched in her/his memory for years to come!”

Kids Party Ideas That You And Your Children Will Love

Incredible parties are what you want when you plan for your kids’ birthdays. This is a very special day that they look forward every year because they get to mingle with other children and have fun with different surprise birthday games.

Planning for birthday parties is not easy, you all know that, but with the help of the internet, you can now simply search for birthday party ideas that your kids may love. The first thing you want to consider is what your kids love, do they have favourite cartoon characters on TV? a superhero in movies? These questions may come up when you start planning and most of you get confused to what should really be the best party idea for your kids.

Here are a few suggestions that this article have for different kids theme party for their birthdays.

Barbie, Birthday Princess and Disney Princess Themes

Girls will surely love these kind of themes as they will surely have fun to dress like their favourite barbie characters and be their own princesses. You can have them bring their tiaras and also their princes for the party. Not only kids will have fun because you can also encourage your adult guests to dress up like kings and queens so that you can have a royal birthday party for your kids. These kind of birthday themes will surely create a beautiful memory to your kids.

Superheroes, Sports and Animals Themes

These themes will truly excite your little boy as you will let him and other kids be their favourite superhero in movies. You can let them play their own Batman and Robin, Superman and many other legendary superheroes. On the other hand, if your kids are very fond of his pet, you can have an animal theme party and invite guests who have their own kind of pets. Some of you may like to have a sports theme party for your boys or even for girls.

These are only few of the many available ideas for birthday themes, but what is important in choosing a birthday party idea is to consider what your child loves. You can never make a mistake when you know what makes your child smile.

In addition, you can have a thorough search in the internet for more birthday party themes which both you and your child will love.


It’s not often that a movie depicts a female protagonist exploring her sexuality the way she wants to and learning what she wants from life. We do not usually see women in charge of their own sexual agency portrayed in a positive manner. Fortunately, that just what happens in director Shonali Bose’s film, Margarita, With a Straw.

Laila (Kalki Koechlin) loves her friends at Delhi University and the band for which she writes lyrics and composes. Sadly, she loves the lead singer, Nima (Tenzing Dalha), more than he loves her. When her feelings are rebuffed, the shame of rejection is too much for her to return to classes. Fortunately, a scholarship and acceptance letter from New York University arrives and she soon has other plans for her higher education.

Leaving her middle class Delhi neighborhood, Laila and her mother (Revathi) head to New York where Laila goes about settling into her new collegiate life, under her mother’s watchful, but trusting eye. Laila’s broken heart is soon mended, or at least distracted, when she meets Jared (William Moseley), a blond Brit assigned to help her with her classwork. She also meets activist Khanum (Sayani Gupta), who happens to be blind, at a local protest and the two become fast friends. The two young woman quickly become more than friends and explore their new home city — and each other’s bodies — with cautious excitement.

Did I mention that Laila is wheelchair-bound due to her Cerebral Palsy? If not, it is because Laila does not allow herself to be restricted. She does not see herself as someone “less” than an able-bodied person, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, not everyone else feels the same way.

The color palate utilized in Margarita, With a Strawheightens both the sensuality and the sweetness of the movie and the acting is fantastic. The family dynamic between Laila and her mother is wonderfully touching. Though the ending feels a bit rushed (especially considering the pacing of the first act), Bose does a lovely job hitting the right notes and not pandering to stereotypes or social “norms.” Laila falters and fumbles through her sexual awakening, just like every other young woman learning to love herself.

Entertainment job websites

I got an email from a woman working for ESPN asking me to include their careers website on my link list…and I realized that I didn’t have a list of all the entertainment job websites out there – so now I do. (It’s under “Job Sites” on the right side of this page.)

Keep in mind that you may apply to 100 jobs online and not even get one interview. Overall, people don’t get jobs this way; they get them through people – and often do unpaid internships first to make contacts. But if you don’t have any contacts yet, applying for jobs online might be worth a shot. Back in 2007, I did land an interview in NY through Media Bistro.

Home Entertainment with Glade

Thank you Glade for sponsoring this post. Feel Glade’s Blooming Peony & Cherry and scents from the Limited Edition Spring Collection, Poppy Groove and Hello Spring!

Recently one of my girlfriends hosted a baby ‘sprinkle’ at our house with just a few of our closest friends in Florida. We made it a couples shower because I wanted to make sure Ryan and Braydon were fully involved with the celebrations! As you have seen on instagram we are doing a modern woodsy nursery. I will be posting pictures of the nursery next week, btw! We went with an outdoors theme for the nursery as well! Lots of owls, pinecones and greenery! I love how it turned out and my girlfriend did such a good job putting it all together! That being said, hosting a party in your house can be a little stressful trying to get the house spotless-just for people to come over and make a mess- as my husband would say but no one likes to have people into their home when they aren’t prepared. One of the things I did to prepare was place Glade candles and wax melts around the house to make sure it smelt fresh anywhere people went! We used the Hello Spring and Poppy Grove scents due to it being an outdoor theme and I wanted it to smell fresh, playful and green.

Kids’ Kitchen Entertainment Center

I was surfing some craft site that let people show off their crafts when I stumbled upon the best idea for reusing an old entertainment center(See here for the project that inspired me). When I moved to the new house, I no longer needed my entertainment center, so I worked on converting it to a child’s play kitchen.

My mother bought the cheapest store-bought play kitchen she could find for my nieces for Christmas for $80, but most are more than $150! Pretty pricey! I spent $6.22 for mine. (If you don’t have a stockpile of screws and such and an old entertainment center, it might cost a bit more. I would ask on freecycle or look in used furniture stores or garage sales for a TV center.)

First, I marked off the areas that I wanted to paint white. I painted the sink, stove, fridge and oven door area white. I used masking tape to keep the paint from straying off onto areas I did not want painted. Paint was leftover house paint from the previously owned house. I then took a peice of scrap drywall (Could use plywood or cardboard) and nailed it into the back of the unit so there was no hole and a place to put my “window” and painted that white as well.

Paint job – $0

Then I had to find a faucet. The cheapest at Lowe’s was $15, didn’t want to pay that much; found a sink and faucet at a thrift store for $2.oo. Later when I bought my new house I had extra faucets galore. Now, I would probably ask on freecycle first. I bought a small steel mixing bowl at the thrift store for $.25 for the sink. I got out my hubby’s jigsaw and cut a circle just slightly smaller than the bowl to let the bowl lip sit on the wood and then used my hubby’s cordless screwdriver and hole saw bits to make three holes for the faucet pipes to sit through and used the nut to fasten on the faucet. I bought an old dish drainer at a thrift store for $.25. Leftover washed soap container and scrubbie that I got for Christmas went to complete the sink.

Sink with real turning faucet- $2.50

Next was the stove. This was a bit tricky. Stove knobs were pricey too. So I went to a place that sold used appliances and asked if they had any old stove knobs. They did; they were pretty bent from whoever tried to pry them off and one knob of the set was missing, but they gave them to me for free. The burners are four Folgers Coffee Lids that I cut small “burner hole strips” to make it resemble an electric element burner. Underneath where I attached them with a screw to the TV center, I painted the surface red to make it look like it was on fire. My hubby drilled a hole through the top of the knobs and attached them to the TV center with a screw. Then he filed off the tip so there was no sharp edge projecting below the stove. Bought a tiny skillet from thrift store for $.25.

Stove with turning knobs – $.25


For the Window/Wall area, I took some leftover wall paper trim and glued it behind the sink. For the Stove Console, I painted it black. When it dried, I painted on a green digital clock. For the window, I had a broken mirror frame left over from the previous tenants that I used to make the window frame. For the outdoor scene, I used tempera paints and my imagination. To make the cross hatches for the window panes, I first layed out masking tape in the area, painted the whole scene and then tore off the masking tape to take away the paint “behind” the window frame. I made curtains out of an old Victoria Secret nightgown just by cutting the gown into two rectangles and straight sewing a hem at the top which I threaded through with yarn. I attached the yarn to the top edge of the picture frame so that the curtains could slide open and closed. I placed two nails at the top right and top left of the painted window and hung the window frame on it.
For the Towel Ring, I found this one at the dollar store. It was adhesive, so I just stuck it on there. I bought some $.97 adhesive hooks to hang up my pot holders. I found the potholders in the After Easter Walmart Clearance aisle for $1.00. I tore one apart and made it into a miniature pot holder mitten with my sewing machine. The matching towel was $.50.

Window Area with working curtains – $3.47

For the oven, I moved the hinges to the bottom, so the door would open down. I made a new hole for the doorknob at the top of the oven door. I filled the old doorknob hole with paint. All accomplished by a screwdriver and drill bits.

Oven – $0

For the sides, I hung one of the adhesive hooks to hold an apronthat I fashioned from an old skirt. And on the “pantry” side, I used ice cream buckets to organize kitchen accessories and attached a phone that I got from a thrift store on free day. I kept all my used spice containers and kitchen containers to help stock up the pantry.

Pantry with phone and apron – $0

One happy make-believe chef – Priceless

Fun Things to do with Kids in Penang

“What are we going to do today?” How many times have you heard that one from your children? Here’s a collection of ideas for fun activities to entertain your kids. Some of these would be great for kids birthday parties in Penang, too.

I’m still working my way through doing everything on this list, but I wanted to get it out there so you don’t have to wait on me to blog about each place. Penang really does have so much family fun to offer. Do you have anything to add? Let me know in the Comments.

* indicates birthday party package available

Adventure Zone

Free is Good

  • 5 Fun and Free Things to Do: Visit the Youth Park, Hunt for Street Art, Visit a Temple, Hit the Beach, Trek the National Park

Swimming beats the Heat

  • * Hard Rock Hotel: Yearly memberships, foam parties, birthday parties
  • * ParkRoyal Resort Hotel: Day passes and birthday parties

Outdoor Adventures

  • * ESCAPE Eco-Adventure Park: Ropes course, climbing, innertube slides, and birthday parties
  • Ride bikes and scooters: Traffic Garden, Youth Park, Straits Quay, car-free George Town, Air Itam dam
  • Penang Hill: Ride the funicular up and enjoy the activities or just hike around at the top; if you want to hike up from the bottom, trails are not marked so go with someone familiar with the hike
  • National Park: hike, canopy walk, take a boat back from the beach, Turtle sanctuary, and camping
  • Countryside Stables in Balik Pulau: Ride ponies and feed the horses and donkeys
  • Wet World Wild Adventure Park: A Wipeout-style obstacle course floating in the waters of Moonlight Bah; recommended for teens and adults
  • Kayaking at Straits Quay; Fridays after 3 p.m. and Weekends 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; See Marina Office
  • Playground at Straits Green with Water Sprayground activated from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.; Access road is at Quayside condos next door to Straits Quay; Note: No good shade
  • * Soccer Experience: tot lessons, youth league, and birthday parties
  • Jerejak Daytripper Package: This little island by the bridge has tons of outdoor activities for kids ages 10 years and older; contact for more information.
  • Paintball: 6 paintball fields in Penang; recommended for teens and adults

Explore Nature

  • Penang Butterfly Farm: Not just butterflies — insects, reptiles, and amphibians, too
  • Penang Bird Park: On the mainland; daily shows and photo sessions
  • Botanical Gardens: Popular with runners and joggers; stroller friendly; fun hill to roll down
  • * Tropical Spice Garden: Snakes and Ladders playground, garden tour, kids events, birthday parties
  • Toy Museum and Heritage Garden: Before it moved, it was a look-don’t-touch museum; new location has added an outdoor garden
  • Forest Recreation Park and Museum: forestry museum, playground, hiking trails, and wading pools
  • Tropical Fruit Farm: Take the 45 minute tour, buy a fruit tasting plate and (book ahead) have BBQ
  • Happy Goats Farm: Tour this dairy farm, feed the goats, and try your hand at milking them

Stay Cool Indoors

  • * Top Picks for Indoor Fun: Adventure Zone (birthday parties), Mega Kiddie World, Cartoon World, KidLand, video game arcades and movies
  • Made in Penang Interactive Museum: Bring your camera for some photo fun
  • *Kidland Penang: Play at the pretend firehouse, hospital, music studio, greenhouse, cooking school, art gallery, airplane pilot training and more; Prangin Mall, Level 4.
  • *Urban Playground inflatable jump houses, slides, obstacle courses and climbing walls in Times Square Mall
  • JumpStreet: Huge room covered in trampolines. Dodge ball arena and foam pits, too. Atrium of D’Piazza Mall in Bandar Baru.
  • Urban Playz climbing walls on Level 7 of Gurney Paragon Mall
  • Archery: 1st floor of Komtar Walk; recommended for teens and adults
  • Bowling: Penang Bowl near the E&O; Premium Lanes in Sunshine Square; Classic Bowl in Prangin Mall
  • Break the Code: Solve the puzzles in time to escape the room or be trapped inside forever; for tweens and older

Arts and Crafts and Cooking, too

  • Hammer Out a Pewter Bowl: Royal Selangor in Straits Quay
  • *Batik Painting: Rozana’s Batik or Craft Batik
  • *Kids Cooking Class at Makers Shakers Bakers in Tanjung Bungah Hillside

Take a Day Trip

  • Carnivall Water Park at Cinta Sayang: 1 hour from Penang; water slides, lazy river, and a spray playground for non-swimmers
  • Bukit Merah Laketown Resort: 90-minutes from Penang; orangutan sanctuary, eco park, water park
  • Taiping Zoo: 1 hour 45 minutes from Penang; becomes a night zoo in the evenings
  • Lost World of Tambun Water Park: near Ipoh
  • Gua Temperung Caves: near Ipoh; even preschoolers can walk Tours 1 & 2
  • White Water Rafting: near Ipoh; must be at least 10 years old

Hire an Activity Organizer

  • * Birthday Castle: I’ve been to a couple parties they’ve organized, and the kids have always had a blast.
  • Spiral Synergy: During school holidays, they often hold special events for children. Email them for a schedule.

10 fun things to do in Stockholm, Sweden when traveling with kids

I might be biased since I grew up in Sweden, but I think it can be a great place to visit when you’re traveling with kids.

View of Stockholm on our last visit: a very rainy day.

Of course, it is not the cheapest place to go, but it does have other things going for it. English-speaking visitors will find that lots of people here speak and understand English. Sweden is also a kid-friendly country overall with lots of playgrounds, kids’ menus at many restaurants, lots of attractions for children, and there are often change tables and other baby-friendly facilities in public bathrooms.

Stockholm is the place most foreign visitors to Sweden end up going to, and there are lots of things to do for kids as well as adults in this city. Just get yourself a good map and explore! Stockholm is small enough to easily get around on foot, by bus or subway, or by boat.

Here, listed in no particular order, are 10 great destinations in and around Stockholm when you’re traveling with kids:

Gröna Lund.

1. Gröna Lund
This is a big fairground with tons of rides, games, and activities. Gröna Lund is located right on the waterfront on Djurgården island, and you can reach it easily by bus, tram or ferry. It is open for business May-September, and offers special deals on passes for smaller kids.

For a fairground treat, try one of the many varieties of Swedish ice cream, sockervadd (cotton candy), or varmkorv (hot dogs) either served on a bun or on a bed of mashed potatoes.

2. The Wasa Museum
This museum is the home of the royal ship Wasa, which sunk on its maiden voyage in 1628 and was raised from the water outside Stockholm in 1961. There are lots of kid-friendly interactive exhibits here, and lots of  things to look at including the bronze cannons the ship was equipped with.

The ship sank because the king of Sweden insisted on putting too many cannons on it, a fact that makes my Canadian husband laugh every time the Wasa ship is mentioned. Why all this national pride in an artifact that shows off flawed shipbuilding technique and royal idiocy? he wonders. Fair enough, but the ship itself is a pretty cool sight, preserved here in all its massive glory, if lacking the gold leaf and scarlet paint it was decorated with when it first set sail.

3. Skansen
Skansen is a must-see if you’re traveling with kids to Stockholm. It has a small amusement park for kids, pony rides, a petting zoo, and a “big” zoo featuring wild animals, mainly those native to Sweden, and farm animals.

There is also a tropical exhibit, called Skansen Akvariet, with monkeys, lemurs, snakes, spiders, insects, fish, and lots of other creatures. (My children were fascinated by the rat exhibit last time we were there, maybe because they had just watched Pixar’s Ratatouille.) The pygmy marmosets are way cuter though.

Skansen is also an “outdoor museum” with lots of traditional Swedish buildings where various traditional crafts are made and displayed, for example the glass work shop where you can see glassblowers at work. 

4. Naturhistoriska Museet/Museum of Natural History
This museum has Sweden’s only IMAX theatre, called Cosmonova, and can definitely be a good place to go with kids if there’s a rainy or snow day you want to spend inside. This is also the place to go with kids who love dinosaurs with lots of dino skeletons and replicas. Other exhibits focus on life in the Polar regions, the human body, and human evolution. 

5. Tekniska Museet
This is Stockholm’s “Museum of Technology”, and it is a great museum for kids because they are actually allowed and even encouraged to touch and interact with many of the exhibits. There’s a 4D cinema, and in the Teknorama exhibit kids get to play and try out a large variety of scientific activities and experiments.

A much more relaxing place for parents than many other museums where you spend much of your visit reminding the kids not to talk too loud or touch anything.


6. Gamla Stan/Old Town
The Old Town is a must-see if you’re in Stockholm.

This part of the city essentially looks exactly like it did in medieval times, with many of the same churches, buildings and narrow, winding cobble-stoned alleys. It’s a good place for a walk, though somewhat bumpy for strollers, and there are lots of little shops to keep the whole family busy.

If your kids are not interested in the souvenir shops, or if you start feeling slightly queasy after over-dosing on all the trolls, knit sweaters, dalahästar, silver jewelry, Swedish flags, and cheesy viking knick-knacks, there are plenty of places to stop for ice cream, sandwiches, coffee and pastries, or a nice meal.

There are also many candy shops. Candy shops are very common in Sweden, including in Gamla Stan. In these shops you will find a never-ending supply of different kinds of candy (“godis” in Swedish), including Swedish specialties like salty licorice, polkagrisar (striped red and white pepper-mint candy), kokosbollar (similar to a big, creamy marshmallow dipped in chocolate and shredded coconut), and gigantic striped lollipops. 

7. Visit a park
I love parks, just can’t help it. I find them really relaxing, especially when you’re traveling with children. Any big city I visit, I will look for a good park to go for a walk with my kids. There are lots of parks around Stockholm, and they can be a great place for kids to just run around or fall asleep in the stroller while you’re going for a walk or stopping for a snack or coffee. Kungsträdgården is located right in the middle of Stockholm, and there is also lots of park-land in the Djurgården area, close to Skansen and Gröna Lund.

Rainy Stockholm.

8. Take a boat trip
There is lots of water in Stockholm, and much of the city is built on 14 different islands, connected by bridges, the subway, and ferries. Taking the ferry to or from Djurgården is a nice trip with kids, and there are also lots of sightseeing trips you can do by boat around the city. I highly recommend these boat trips if you want to do a sightseeing tour: in my opinion it’s more fun for kids and adults to see the city by boat than by bus.

Check current schedules and pricing with your hotel or the tourist information office. You can also take a ferry to explore the archipelago outside Stockholm, which is a beautiful trip to do, especially in summer. 

Pippi Longstocking -The TV Series9. Junibacken
Junibacken is sort of a Swedish, small-scale version of Disneyland. It’s the place to go to meet the characters from the famous and extremely popular Swedish author Astrid Lindgren’s books. Outside of Sweden, she’s probably mostly known for Pippi Longstocking, but she wrote many, many wonderful books for children and here they’re all put on display in real life. There’s Storybook Square, where many of the characters from Lindgren’s books live, there’s a guided train tour, and you can visit Villa Villekulla, Pippi’s house. 

10. Aquaria
This is one place I have not been to myself, so I’m not sure how good it is, but it looks rather impressive on the website (which is unfortunately all in Swedish…). It’s located on Djurgården, right next to Gröna Lund where the ferry comes in from downtown Stockholm, so it’s very easy to get to. Aquaria’s website says that they have exhibits featuring the tropical rain forest, tropical ocean environments, and Nordic aquatic life.

Eurovision 2015: The Big Five + host + Australia

Australia?? Yes, for some reason best known to the organisers, Australia gets to have an entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. No, I don’t understand it either but then we’ve had Israel, Turkey and Russia, as well as lots of USSR states of old too. I’ve always thought Russia’s inclusion was stretching ‘Europe’ a bit but when they were being friendly and co-operative and all was sweetness and light it seemed OK. Israel has always been a curious entry too but you don’t like to argue with either Israel or Russia do you?

Anyway, here are the last six entries. These all get automatic passes to the Final and so can chuck whatever rubbish they please at us and many time in previous years some have done just that. Not having to get votes to participate in the Final took away some of the care in choice of song sometimes. Again, I feel a couple of nations didn’t try that hard. Make your own mind up.


There’s a vaguely Bruno Mars sound and beat to this. It’s an OK pop song and pretty modern but not very memorable or interesting. All at the same tinny volume. No shade. I guess it’s all sunshine in Australia. The singer looks as though he might be part aboriginal which is neither one thing nor the other but it did make me realise that I hadn’t seen a single non-white face throughout all the performances I’ve seen so far.

I don’t think Australia will do terribly well. They may squeeze into the Top Ten on votes from people intrigued as to why they’re in the competition – a sort of welcome or thank you gesture like you give the host nation.


They’ve got another performer with long hair and a beard but this one is a bloke. A pretty solid, passionate performance although the falsetto bit didn’t do much for me. All competent enough but unlikely to fare well and it’ll just be the nods of votes for the host nation that’ll keep them off the lower tranches of the listing.


A strong and well-sung ballad in traditional French style. I think it is about the war and destruction of a village on the coast somewhere. I like French female singers and this is a pretty classic example although she is a bit older than the 60s ones I admire most. A few years ago France had a tremendously good song that the singer messed up on the night and it fell from being favourite that evening to bottom later that night. If this lady does well and she can somehow connect a bit better with the voters than she does in the video then France could do well this year.


German girls singing in English have a strange accent but that didn’t harm Nicole a few years ago. This is a tedious track. Doesn’t stand a chance, I’m afraid, despite the girl’s intense efforts. There’s just nothing there. Compare this to the preceding and following tracks.


I am sure I have heard of Il Volo before. That’s more than I can say of any of the other acts this year. This group sing superbly and it is a good song too, in good, classic Italian style. The video is annoyingly totally irrelevant and puts one off the track rather than drawing us into it so that may mean it comes across better as the guys do it live on stage. If the voters are in a slightly more classic mood then Italy will easily take the prize this year. They are a definite contender. One of very few.


I have loved Spain’s entries recently, especially last year’s by Ruth Lorenzo and an earlier year which had a video with a horse and a pretty girl that I thought was amazing but not many others did. Here we have a very attractive blonde and a strong song too. It’s good Euro stuff this and ought to make the Top 10 but votes for Spain have been few and far between for reasons I don’t understand in the past.

United Kingdom^***

Well, when I first heard this I thought it was fun and UK doing something a bit brave and definitely an improvement on the annoyingly formulaic ‘message’ song of last year. We used to do so well in this competition but after several very dull years of ancient pop stars, dull performers and average groups we have become too accustomed to finishing up well on the right side of the board. This, I believe, will bring us back where we belong and should be a certain Top 10 and, for the first time in ages, I believe we have a serious chance of winning. It’s a 20s or 30s tune, and if the two main singers do it well and have some nice backing there so that some effort to reproduce the video is feasible then they will get support from the voters.
Unless we have offended anyone we ought to do well. Oh, Russia. And that means null points from quite a few other nations too.

So, that’s it. There go all this year’s entries. 10 will be selected from each of the Semi Finals and then those 20 with these 7 will perform in the Final. Looking at the betting odds, there are predictions that some good entries might fall in the Semis which could have a serious impact on the overall results. I have y ideas as to the few potential winners now but the Top 10 eludes me at the moment. It’s going to be a tough year and I may have to make several changes if the Semi Finals mess up my plans!

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Film Distribution and Home Entertainment in 2015

There have been some very interesting articles recently predicting how consumers will be entertaining themselves five years from now.  The implications are significant.  Let me give you some highlights, and then make some quick comments.

– Displaybank, a consumer electronics research group predicts that sales of 3D televisions will grow by 91% this year, making up 3% of the world televisions by the end of the year.  The study projects there will be 83 million 3D displays in homes by the end of 2014.  That represents 31% of the world market.  Those are really huge numbers.

– GigaOM Pro is predicting that by 2015, 60% of the TV’s sold will have a direct internet connection.  This year, 3.7 million applications designed to be run on televisions will be downloaded.  However, by 2015, that number will grow to almost 1 billion!  That is an enormous number!

– The Los Angeles Times reports that Google is about ready to launch its Smart TV software that will allow consumers to navigate between TV, streaming content, home videos and any other number of media formats and sources.

– Last week, Hollywood studios won a ruling from the FCC that clears the way for streaming first run movies directly to consumers on the same day that they are opening in theaters.  (Businessweek’s coverage of the implications of that ruling is pretty good.)

You can see the trend here.  Conventional wisdom in 2010 says that within 5 years consumers will be fully connected and entertained without leaving their favorite chair.  The implications for our collective physical fitness are frightening.  But aside from that, what does it mean for the entertainment business?

Are theaters wasting money installing digital 3D systems and amazing sound?  Are consumers just going to buy a giant 3D TV and 7.1 surround system and watch everything at home?  Click the Domino’s app in the corner of their screens and have their favorite pizza show up in 30 minutes or less — for a fraction of the cost of popcorn and Coke at the cineplex?

Despite these projections, I don’t believe that the theater business is dead — but it is definitely facing some challenges.  On the one hand, I believe consumers experience a palpable excitement when watching a film in a dark room with a few hundred strangers, on a giant screen with seat-shaking sound.  And I think people will always want to get out of their house and “do something” other than watch TV.  Going to a movie is the primary way they fill that need.  But I also think that theaters have to work hard to continue to deliver a high-quality experience at the right price.

The problem is that the distributors who already take the bulk of the ticket price from the theaters may soon become direct competitors.  If the distributors make more money piping the film directly to consumers’ living rooms, then they have no incentive to help theater owners fill their seats.  That makes it very hard for theater owners to deliver a superior product at a reasonable price.

For the next few years. there will be a real wrestling match between theater owners and distributors and consumer electronics companies.  I think  Sony wins either way as it will continue to sell TV’s and distribute films.  But Regal and AMC are facing a much bigger challenge that might even result in another round of downsizing for those major chains.

I welcome some comments and other points of view.

Arranging a Tribute Show at Ease

When a group of people arrange for a social gathering in the memory of one of their beloved friends, relatives or an important personality it is called a tribute. There are various ways through which one can pay homage to a great person. If the occasion is arranged after the demise of that person then it would be known as a memorial tribute. However, whether it is a memorial Tribute show or not, there are certain things that would need to be taken care of while arranging for such an auspicious event. It is essential to inform here in this context that making entire arrangement single handedly is not possible and hence it is better to do the same in a group or taking expertise help.

Steps that Should be Followed

Few points that should be taken under consideration while arranging for a tribute show are:

· First of all, to start with it is important to make a list of the guests whom you would need to invite for the show. If the person for whom you have arranged such a show is a renowned man and so his friends and loved ones are then calling them up in advance would be advisable. If you inform them within a short notice then they might find it difficult to join the show due to their busy planned schedules. Also it is not a good idea to think about this show without inviting those who can make the event more special for the person whom you are honoring.

· Secondly, when the guest list is finalized the next thing is making plan for decoration and the entertaining activities that would take place. Decorating the place keeping in mind the choice of that great personality would be a prudent decision.

· If the person loves music, art and other fun-filled activities then one can even thing about calling up a famous band for the show.

A Band that can Make Your Show Memorable and Colorful

When it comes to contact a great musical band then one name that comes first in the mind is the Take that tribute band. This band has gained immense popularity within a very short span of time because of their rocking performances and heart touching presentation. One of the greatest bands, Take that Tribute Band was first formed in the year of 2009. This band is always appreciated by people of all ages due to their sense of timing and tastes, standard of the performances and talents of course.

For more information on Dirty dancing tribute, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the Take that tribute band!

The Empress of China series reached highest ratings at 28 pts last week

The Empress of China (武則天) series broadcasted by TVB on last Friday achieved the highest ratings at 28 pts, around 1.81 millions audiences, and the average ratings for last week was at 24 pts.

As for the highest ratings for the debut of the series, Limelight Years (華麗轉身) aired last week was at 27 pts, around 1.75 millions audiences, and the average ratings was at 23 pts.

The Greed of Man (大時代) series reached another breaking point

TVB re-broadcasted the series, The Greed of Man which had an average ratings at 6 pts last week and achieved the highest ratings at 8 pts on last Friday. Also, it was considered the highest ratings when airing series during midnight when compared to the past.

Angelica Lee looked energetic and radiant despite no make-up

Recently, female star Angelica Lee (李心潔) had been travelling around for filming new movie and finally completed her workload, and took a rest to enjoy some normal lifestyle. This morning (27 April), she went to do some exercises and breathe some fresh air in the hill: “I wake up very early and welcome beautiful sunshine and nature in the hill. Please re-charge some positive energy live in my body again!”

In the photo, Angelica did not wear any make-up and look very healthy. The netizens praised that she looked energetic and radiant. They also sent their blessings and hoped everything was well for her.

Building a Home Theater Room

We have a lot to catch up on with this one!

While I’ve been focusing on the upstairs (the kitchen, my studio, and our bedroom specifically), Brad has been working non-stop downstairs on our home theater room. This is something he has always wanted and insisted upon when we bought our house.
The room we decided to use for this space is this awkward, narrow side room off of the main downstairs area (on the left):

It wasn’t the ideal layout,  but the best option we had.
I figured it was something we’d get around to later this year, but Brad is so anxious to get it done, he’s been there nearly every single day working on it.
When it comes to remodeling, I’m almost always the one in charge, but this is the first time I’ve left it 100% up to him. Aside from asking my opinion on a few things, he’s doing everything from the layout to electronics to managing the subcontractors, even choosing the paint colors and carpeting. This is entirely his project, and he loves it!
Let’s get up to speed on how this is all playing out… (you’ll have to excuse the cell phone photos, we left our SLR at home during most of the construction)
First, Brad decided it would be best to separate the theater room from the main area by adding walls. There would be a door in the center with new walls on either side.
There’s going to be two rows of seating in the back (one on each “level”), and instead of a giant TV, he’s getting a projector which will be displayed on this wall:
Here’s contractor Doug getting started by removing the plywood faces from the platforms:
And beginning to frame it in…
The framing went in really quickly:
The view from inside:
Next was the drywall:
And then came the first hiccup. Brad decided afterwards that the entrance would open right onto where the lower couch is going to be, so it had to be relocated to the front of the room (next to the screen wall).
Here’s the new entrance location:
View from the back right of the room…
And from the outside.
There was one other issue to deal with—the AC vent and thermostat were right in the middle of the projector wall. We actually ended up having to completely redo the AC downstairs anyway (sellers never disclosed that it was broken), so we had Doug re-route the vent out to the main room, and run another one to the home theater room through the other side. The thermostat was an easy fix—Brad just reran the wires to the outside wall.
Now for the all the electrical stuff…
Brad is a bit obsessed with electronics, lighting and audio/video (he works in IT so it makes sense). He went with a 7.1 surround system and these fancy color changing LED bulbs in the ceiling:
The entire room is going to be black/dark gray, so he made sure to paint the speaker grills and lip so they would blend in with the walls and ceiling:
Then he cut all of the speaker holes using the provided templates:
And finally, hooked them up to the wiring he had run earlier:
Here are the speakers and lights coming together…
In total there are 7 speakers (two backs, two sides, three fronts), a subwoofer and three recessed lights.
After all the speakers and lights were installed, it was time for paint! It’s actually a really dark gray but reads as black under certain lighting.
The big hole in the lower center of the room is for the subwoofer. We discovered a couple feet of empty space on that side of the room so Brad decided to recess the sub into the wall so it wouldn’t take up any floor space inside.
Here’s the housing built for the sub:
And Brad wiring it up:
Instead of having the electronics out in the open, he was able to hide them in the adjacent closet…

Dasoudi Park

Hello everybody,

Even if Cyprus is surrounded by the sea and playgrounds by the sea are Kids Fun in Cyprus favorite places for children when it is to hot and we are looking for more shadowed parks Dasoudi Park in Paphos is one special place. Situated in the heart of Paphos old city, close by Lidl and Carrefour supermarkets, the playground is the perfect getaway for a relaxing afternoon maybe even after or before shopping.

Dasoudi Park is a perfect size place to take with you the bicycles and to be prepared to stay there enough time to spend the kids energy as there are plenty of nice shadowed pathways. The park has its own parking for cars making it easier taking the strollers and children out of the cars.

The playground can make a busy day for children of any ages with three slides, swings for babies and bigger kids, climbing areas, ride ones and see saws. Parents can relax on the many benches found in the park. The park is covered with pebbles witch will help big kids stay clean and give to the funny toddler one more entertaining activity. Under the swings there are rubber tiles to keep the children safe.

The park is also a good place for anybody willing to try their new roller skates or scooters but do not forget to bring with you the safety equipment !

Dasoudi Park

Address: Cross road of Alexandrou Ipsilanti Str. and Hellados Ave.,  Paphos, Cyprus

Entertainment Jobs

EntertainmentCrossing has so many ways to search for the perfect Entertainment jobs from employer sites. I received job alerts in my email daily and was able to conduct my search through multiple cities.

I have been in the job search field for a lengthy time (more than a decade) and I have discovered and residential a way to look for jobs that is more effective than any other method I know of.
• It is like comparing sending a letter to making a phone call
• It is like comparing flying in an airplane to taking the train
• It is like comparing a horse drawn carriage with a car
• It is like comparing going to the bathroom in an outhouse to using a toilet indoors.
There are some developments and things out there that are complete “paradigm changers,” and change how we look at the world and the events and things within it. This is what does. Here you will get all kids of jobs like ‘actor jobs’, ‘actress jobs’, ‘editing jobs’, ‘entertainment jobs’, ‘entertainmentcrossing’, ‘’ and ‘film jobs’ etc.
I hated looking for a job. It is the worst experience possible. You are either unemployed and need a job now, or you are in a job you dislike and want out. Coming to work and not liking where you work stinks. Telling people you are unemployed at parties stinks. Knowing you might lose your job any moment stinks.
I’ve been there, and it was no fun at all. In fact, it was one of the worst experiences of my life.
Something I disliked even more was going into interviews where the employer did not even have a real job. Sometime employers seem to be just bringing people in for no reason at all. It has massive database and the most recent “model jobs” posted. is a job board that provides employment opportunities that are currently accessible on the market like “modeling careers”, “movie extras jobs”, “pictures jobs” we can find “studio jobs” in this site more time and again.
Then there were the times I was waiting for an answer of whether or not I was going to be chosen among several other people competing for the job. I had interviewed, but needed to wait and see what happened. That was a nightmare.
Screwing around on job boards really pissed me off. There were so many job boards out there it is hard to believe. I could spend a few hours on one site and only find a few jobs. Most of the resumes I would send would elicit very little response. I advise Entertainment Crossing to anyone searching for employment. It is a very straight forward website that provided me with many unadvertised options in the job market.

So who is going to win Eurovision 2015?

It is, of course, very early days yet and Sweden remain at the top of the favourites with the bookies, Italy’s entry, which I would say is more likely to win, coming next.

Serbia, Cyprus and Georgia have seen pretty dramatic drops in their odds but they do still remain way out in the 200s or more!

Much depends who gets through the Semis. then the fun really starts as the acts will not only have been seen rehearsing live but also will have had to get some votes and we’ll have a much better idea of how they’ll do, with the notable exception of those through automatically. Those automatic finalists could well include the winner this year.

If the chart doesn’t display as it should use this link instead.

A Rumination on Home Entertainment

The most important thing to keep in mind when hooking together an entertainment center, I have found, is that drunk people watch a lot of movies.

People who are sitting down to watch TV do not want to get up six or seven times to move plugs around, solve a switch puzzle, and place three crests, two engraved tiles, and a keyed crank in accordance with the instructions in a creepy antique nursery rhyme, in order to make their goddamn movie show up. This is an entertainment center, not lab equipment for the Umbrella Corporation. A lot of these people are going to be tired, inebriated, or both. In an ideal world, I’d be able to design a setup where you could get the input you wanted with one button press in a dark room without getting off the sofa or putting your beer down.

I haven’t quite gotten there yet, but I’m trying.

Jazmin was given a new laptop for Christmas, and since the two main features of the old one are a busted screen and a working HDMI port, it now lives on the entertainment center, permanently tethered to the TV. Quite literally its only two jobs these days are to run a torrent client and decode MPEG/Flash media to output to the television, and as long as it can rub its head and pat its belly at the same time, any leftover brain power can be used for any old frivolous thing. I got Jazmin to give it a segregated account for the networked media stuff, and now it’s got a load of players and converters and DreamScene installed, because if you’re going for pretty blinky lights, you might as well go all the way.

[Windows Vista and later have the native capacity to use a video loop as the desktop background. Microsoft just decided to take the option out of Control Panel so they could sell it to you later as part of a desktop enhancement pack. DreamScene is just a tiny program that flips the hidden switch for you. Their English is a wee bit questionable, but it does exactly what it says on the tin. You can get a lot of animated.wmv clips on that site; I’m partial to the abstract PS3-ish ones. The TV is now showing Multicolor as its backdrop, and my computer is running Digital Rain.]

The main problem with using a computer to drive most of the entertainment in the house is that it violates a number of the complaints I outline above — you have to get up to feed it media if the file isn’t on the internal HDD, it wants to be worked by someone physically sitting at the keyboard, etc.

The very first thing I did was hook everything Windows-driven to the same Homegroup. Homegroups are like Workgroups, except for people who don’t have an IT department to prevent them from doing stupid things like touching mystery settings in the Control Panel and naïvely resetting their domain password to a string of eight asterisks. Any computer on the Homegroup can opt to share all its Libraries with all the other computers on the Homegroup, and Libraries can point to any combination of local, removable, and mapped network drives and/or folders. There is now about a terabyte of storage piled up next to the TV, and the Acer can play media that’s physically written to the internal hard drives in my and Jazmin’s Windows laptops, so we can stop constantly performing the traditional Dance of The Swapping Devices that used to happen whenever I couldn’t remember which disk I’d put the newest Doctor Who on. I’m pretty sure that if I’m clever with samba I can leapfrog through my Win7 machine into the Ubuntu laptop, which all told probably gives us another 1-1.5TB pf spare space to slosh into if (when) we manage to fill up what we’ve got.

The other problems (flipping switches, dark room, putting down beer) I think I can solve with a combination of apps and the rampant internet addiction Jazmin and I share. We each have a tablet now, and we never put the damnable things down. I’ve gone right back to walking everywhere with a book held in front of my face, only now it also lights up and makes noises, and I sometimes reach up to poke-type things on it. I’m kiting all the data around via Magic Internet Rays — my previous magna opera have mostly involved loops of cables and stacked switch boxes; technology has just now finally caught up with the way I think everything should map out — so I figured someone has probably made a remote control that works via Magic Internet Rays as well.

The nice folks at AIO Remote seem to have done exactly that. They have receiver apps for Win/Lin/Mac and remote control apps for Android, BlackBerry 10/BlackBerry PlayBook, and Kindle tablets. The phone apps work via Bluetooth and the tablets work via wifi. Right now I just have the PlayBook set up as a remote trackpad for the Acer, but when I get less lazy I can look up all the hotkeys for VLC and Winamp and program a proper remote with buttons on it.

[ETA: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA It has presets for common media players. I have a generic remote for Winamp/VLC now. I NEVER HAVE TO GET OFF THE SOFA AGAIN.]

[ETA2: Since the PC/TV combo is now functionally equivalent to the stereo system, that also means I can control the music from the kitchen. Yay!

[ETA3: You can use graphical backgrounds and images for buttons on this thing. I am having flashbacks to making Winamp3 skins in Paint Shop Pro in college. Not that this will stop me. Conveniently, I think that the PlayBook and Jazmin’s Kindle Fire both run at 1024 x 600.]


Oat (Ingkarat Damrongsakkul), an 11-year-old living in poverty, idolizes his older brother, Ek (Thira Chutikul), in the coming-of-age morality tale, How to Win at Checkers (Every Time), from director Josh Kim.

Having lost both parents, Oat and Ek have an especially close relationship, which is threatened when Ek must participate in the Thai military conscription lottery. Ek’s boyfriend, Jai (Arthur Navarat), must also take his chances with the lottery. But as Oat will eventually discover, having a wealthy family gives Jai the unfair advantage of bribing his way out of having to serve his country. Wanting to secure his brother’s safety and keep him at the modest home they share with their Aunt (Vatanya Thamdee) where Ek is the primary breadwinner, Oat turns to crime.

After Oat finally outsmarts his big bro at a game of checkers, Ek decides it time to take Oat out. Heading to Café Lovely, where Ek works as an escort, Oat is finally exposed to Ek’s seedier side, including prostitution and a nasty drug habit. Oat learns quickly that this is not the path he wants to take and begins taking whatever measures are necessary to ensure that he will not follow in his brother’s footsteps.

Based on short stories by Rattawut Lapcharoeensap and set in the outskirts of Bangkok, the moral of How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) seems to be that one should do whatever it takes to win, even if it means someone else has to lose.

The sweet relationship between Oat and his brother — and that between Ek and Jai — lends the film a familiarity and sweetness in this otherwise grim and gritty feature.

Los Angeles Entertainment Jobs

The importance of the entertainment business to the city has led many celebrities to call City of Los Angeles and its surrounding suburbs home. In January 2010 many of the aerospace firms with operations in Los Angeles County are relatively small compared to the larger corporations.

Many people are wanted to become celebrities or popular to the world, and Los Angeles is the city that can realize that for you. But become celebrities or famous people aren’t easy, it needed some kind of dignity and passion for it, also the right job steps career will helping you a career that you dream of. On all of that can be realized, you will find Los Angeles Entertainment Jobs from the employer websites and career pages, is the largest website for online jobs search section. You will be provided with a good job that are suits either for your personalities or skills you had, and with a good prospect career up ahead that will made you success through both of entertainment or ordinary job industries. is simply unique and works differently than Los Angeles Times whose only providing people with job listings everyday but not focused on career developing for their users, they are just local media providing good information.

Jobs: Movie Review

Cast: Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney, Josh Gad, Matthew Modine, JK Simmons, Lukas Haas
Director: Joshua Michael Stern

So, the first Steve Jobs cab off the rank is this biopic, which will no doubt be forgotten once West Wing writer Aaron Sorkin’s version hits the cinema.

Kutcher plays Jobs in this film which starts with the unveiling of the iPod in 2001 and scoots back to the college years and Jobs’ first foray into the world of computers, before his eventual getting chucked from Apple and re-instating as the messiah of the electronics world.

And that’s really all that happens in this piece, which proffers up little insight into what inspired or drove the man, both on a professional and personal level. Prone to outbursts which seem rude and abrasive when it came to his colleagues, I’m guessing it was his vision, passion and drive which led him to these explosions. I say guessing because there’s little evidence on screen or hints over what fuelled this fire at all.
In fact, there’s scant passion in any of this formulaic and dull biopic, which fails to come even close to revealing Jobs’ motivation. You’re more likely to learn about the inner workings of the Apple company, the fight between Apple and IBM, the boardroom politics and corporate manoeuvring  than anything else in this sketchy piece. It also skates over his appalling treatment of his daughter and completely ignores his health issues and subsequent death, which you could argue were vital to the man.

Kutcher initially appears to personify Jobs and has his physicality down to a tee, but that’s about all. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the performance, (even if it does simply lapse into wistful lip pursing and staring) but it just fails to be engaging at all thanks to lacklustre source material. Even Jobs’ colleagues, and long term collaborator Steve Wozniak have little insight into their relationships which appear to have lasted years.

Stern prefers to save his direction for copious over-use of musical montages and swirling camera shots which start to really grate as the two hours drag on.

Formulaic and forgettable, this first Jobs biopic barely scratches the surface of the man and it certainly doesn’t inspire on any level. It’s nowhere near a definitive piece or peek at the man and feels like a slightly dull volume one of a novel.

Celebrating birthday with Tony Hung? Natalie Tong said with smiles: No idea


Yesterday was Natalie Tong’s (唐詩詠) birthday and she was filming new series, Eunuchs Leave the Palace (公公出宮) in TV City (電視城). She expressed she did not have any celebrations yet and wished to do more good deeds for the society: “I attended a charity event today and will not have any special birthday celebrations this year. My birthday wish is world peace.” Natalie added that she ate dinner with Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) as celebration during the filming in TV City last night.

When asked about any expressions from her rumoured boyfriend, Tony Hung (洪永城), Natalie said with smiles: “Nope and I am working. (Did not wish you happy birthday?) Yes he did. (How he planned to celebrate with you?) No idea.” Asked if she will consider dating with Tony, Natalie said: “I need to think of long-term and must have better understanding. We need to consider many aspects and he is good. We are friends and will meet up for dinner during our free time. (Your prince charming?) Still searching.” She added she will get married in the future.

We Paid Kidnappers N2.5m-Orekoyas Finally Reveal

Mrs. Adebisi Orekoya, had over the weekend, revealed that the family parted with N2.5 million as against the initial N15 million demanded by the kidnappers as ransom.

According to Thisday, speaking to a group of working mothers in Lagos at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Conference and Exhibition Centre, Alausa, she made this disclosure at a national awareness and sensitisation seminar against child kidnapping in Nigeria.

When they demanded N15million, I told them that we could not afford it and they later reduced it to N13million but we still told them we could not afford it.
“They then gave me an option of paying ransom for only one kid. They asked me to choose the one I love the most and pay the ransom for his release.
“But how could I choose one and leave any behind? I did not give birth to the three of them in one day. The police told me to keep begging them so that they can be online and enhance the tracing.
“With their calls, the police were able to trace them to Sasha but couldn’t narrow it down to their particular location.
“When they finally agreed to what we had, they sent a GTbank account number to us and we paid in N2.5million as instructed.
“We then sent him a text message that we had paid in the money. He said he would confirm first to know if we flagged the account and then get back to us.
“He later called back by 3p.m. and said he has confirmed payment. He told us to go to Ogijo and pick our kids but when we got there, he said he was already in Sagamu.
“We had someone track his location and it showed he had gone to Oshodi and then back to Egbeda. I and my husband went back home.
“We were at Anthony, when someone called that they saw our kids naked in front of an uncompleted building. We asked them to snap them and send their pictures to my Whatsapp (a social media).
“When they sent the picture, it was my kids and we called the police to go pick them up. And they did and that was how we were reunited with our kids.”

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